Music Review: Cryptic Culture – Demo Tracks

Cryptic Culture

Cryptic Culture are an alternative rock band from Glasgow made up of Jordan Greer on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Sean Gibson on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Dylan Blackstone on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alastair Grant on Drums and Caleb Zoolander on Bass.

‘Just Borrowed Time’ is a very energetic track, with an amazing intro, that sends chills down my spine, something about it just works so well and it was my first exposure to the band so I was instantly ready to hear more. A track like this is a perfect example of what a band can do when they are in perfect harmony, it just sounds great but not like any effort went into sounding like that. I really liked ‘Just Borrowed Time’ and recommend anyone reading this listen to it now.

‘Terror’ is far more percussive/drum heavy than the other tracks which I really like, and it really gives the vocalist a chance to shine. This track is probably amazing live and I hope I get a chance to hear this group in person soon so I can see for myself.

‘Cryptic Request’ is a truly fine track that hooks you from the beginning, to me the guitar has an almost western feel, and the vocalist has a strong and distinct voice that carries the track really well. This song starts off slow but builds tremendously well. The guitar especially in this track is amazing, I know that’s usually the most obvious part of a band but in this case I need to comment that the riffs and guitar sections of this track were truly spot on.

So that’s what I thought of these tracks from Glasgow based band ‘Cryptic Culture’ and if you want to have a listen then check them out on soundcloud or bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with the band them check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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