Single Review: Ali McGowan – My Name Is Ali

My Name is Ali Single Artwork

Ali McGowan is a central-belt-based musician and solo recording artist, who also performs and operates under the names ‘Klone’ and ‘Freonic’, this is the first of a couple of reviews I will be doing, for this I will be focusing on a track they released as Ali McGowan. This was the first track I heard from the artist and I discovered it by way of Tumblr, finally a use for Tumblr other than finding fan art of John Watson and Sherlock in passionate embrace. The track in question is called ‘My Name is Ali’ and was released in October 2017.

‘My Name is Ali’ has a very vibrant, electronic, video game style intro, build techno chords that just make me wanna reach for my nearest controller. I like this track a lot, it has energy but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily upbeat, but it does do a lot over the seven minute track, so it’s never dull, and always keeps you engaged. I think because it sounds so video game like I’m internally picturing overcoming some sort of obstacle and that lines up with what I’ve gathered about the song from the artist herself, it’s about coming to grips with identity which can often be a very hard obstacle.

So that’s what I thought of the track, and if you want to listen to it for yourself and maybe even buy a copy then check it out on bandcamp. You can also keep up to date with Ali via her Twitter.


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