EP Review: Cousin Kenny – No Dogs Allowed

Cousin Kenny 'No Dogs Allowed'

Cousin Kenny are a five piece band from West Lothian that are made up of Jay Scally on Vocals/Guitar, Ross Grant on Lead Guitar, Robert Purdie on Keyboards/Synths, Johnny McClaren on Bass and Jack Purdie on Drums/Tambourine. Today I’m going to be reviewing their EP ‘No Dogs Allowed’ and keep an eye on Cousin Kenny’s social media for where to get this EP.

‘Won’t Be Sorry (When You’re Gone)’ has an absolutely fantastic intro, that eases you into the EP really well, you just kinda get swept up with the guitar rhythm. I had a hard time decided whether this song made me wanna chill out and just listen to it or get up and jump about with it, I guess it just shows it’d be good for either. In fact I’d really like to see this track performed live just to see what happens.

‘No Dogs Allowed’ has a funky kinda intro that I really liked, and it made the title track an utter smash hit, It was soft and slow and melodic and just really enjoyable as well. I like tracks that are a little bit silly, a bit serious and this song just balances up things really well. I especially liked the little back up vocals that added a lot to the track.

‘Quixotic’ the title may be Quixotic but the song sure ain’t, its deep and one of those tracks I like to talk about that has the potential to fill up a room, lots of atmosphere and lingering notes. It’s very good and has an almost dreamlike quality which I like.

‘Big Time Small Time (Waste Of Time)’ is far more fast paced than the previous tracks and the only one to start with a percussive intro, which I think is tight and well delivered, and certainly got me listening. I think it added more energy to the track and was an excellent way to close of the EP. I liked this track the most, it blended what I liked about the other tracks and added a little something extra into the mix, plus I think it gave the vocalist a chance to really show off his voice and even had some good synth/keyboards thrown in for good measure. It’s just a great track.

So that’s what I thought of Cousin Kenny’s EP ‘No Dogs Allowed’ and if you want to keep up to date with the band then follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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