Album Review: Marshall Chipped – Time And Distance

Marshall Chipped

Marshall Chipped are an Indie Rock group based in Glasgow, made up of David Burns on Vocals/Guitar, Michael Werninck on Bass and Peter Werninck on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their Album ‘Time and Distance’.

‘Here Come The Cavalry’ I had a hard time deciding on this track, I really enjoyed it but it balanced the chilled out and the upbeat so well that I wasn’t sure how to place it, all I do know is that I really enjoyed it.

‘All My Love To Long Ago’ had a really sharp intro, a little bit of an edge to it but still keeping that same relaxed tone to it, Marshall Chipped know well that music doesn’t need to go crazy to be enjoyed and that a nice bit of easy going indie rock is always goes down well. I would really like to hear this one live because it really shows off what they can do together.

‘This Little Piggy’ has a nice guitar intro, that goes on and builds even as it joins up with the vocals, I think its a strong little track right up front in the album. I’d also love to hear this one live, something about it just leads me to believe that it would work well.

‘Reason And Stone’ has a punchier intro, a lot more energy and fusion between the instruments, its well built and continues to show what the band are capable of, I think this album is good for someone who knows that music can either relax you or get you pumped up and wants some tracks that can do either or both.

‘Little Victories’ has a really tight percussive intro that I loved. Its engaging and would really get you moving, I think it’s a very strong entry for this album, and that’s no small victory considering the calibre of music throughout the rest of the album.

‘The Unreliable Narrator’ has some horns which I love and a cool name which I always appreciate, this song also shakes things up a little bit which is good for a track right in the middle of the album. I think this was a personal favourite track on the album and I’d recommend this as a good example of the band’s talent.

‘Light The Fuse And Run’ has my favourite intro of the album, upbeat and catchy, I could see it getting stuck in my head for weeks, which is super likely to happen by the way. It also manages to sound fresh and different while not straying too far from the style they established in the album.

‘Answers’ If they question is do I like this track, the Answer is Yes, but you should check it out for yourself. If you do you’ll be in for a track with a nice track that kinda takes you along on a journey, with a great baseline and great guitar sections.

‘Tonight’ is a far more acoustic track, and has more horns which again I really love. This track is another that breaks away slightly and does something different.

‘Wired To The Moon’ has a kind of electronic intro, like a video game and another whopper of a title, it has a lot of energy and just goes a bit crazy, which I guess makes sense. I like the build this song has its ongoing and serves to perfectly amp you up, I always listen to the tracks as I write and with this one I just blazed through, so good track, even better motivational background music.

‘The Railway Lines’ is the last track on the album and it holds up really well, I like the reverbed notes that open it, they dissipate just as the other sections kick in as well and it’s just really well done.

So those are my thoughts on Marshall Chipped’s Album ‘Time and Distance’ and if you want to get your own copy then check out their bandcamp and you can also follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.


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