Album Review: Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Vol 2

Chris Stapleton 'From a Room - Volume 2'

I’ve reviewed Chris Stapleton previously with Volume 1, of his ‘From A Room’ Album which you can check out here. But in case you didn’t see that or you don’t know who he is then I will say that Chris Stapleton is an American singer-songwriter whose music is classified as southern rock and Bluegrass. I enjoyed his previous album and so looked forward to reviewing this one which was officially released on December 1st 2017.

‘Millionaire’ opens with some nice acoustic guitar that backs up Stapleton and the female companion perfectly, this is actually a cover of Kevin Welch’s ‘Millionaire’ and I really think that Stapleton did it justice, it’s such a lovely song already and he added his powerful voice to it and it was a brilliant introduction to what I’m expecting to be a great Album.

‘Hard Livin’ has some swing to it, it’s far more countryesque than the first track, it along with ‘Trying to Untangle my Mind’ and Midnight Train to Memphis’ were actually featured on Stapleton’s ‘All American Road Show Tour’ prior to their official release in this album. I think this song is very American, and embodies all the things we love about America. I really hope he tours in the UK soon so I can hear this track live because it’s one of those songs that’s good recorded but I bet would be amazing live.

‘Scarecrow In The Garden’ has another lovely acoustic intro, and again really gives Stapleton to show off his singing skills. I’ve heard the term Southern Soul attached to this album and if any songs fit that genre then its this because while it does have a country feel about its, its very much an emotional ballad and its very soulful. I envy the people that got this track early as a promotional single back in early November for preordering the album.

‘Nobody’s Lonely Tonight’ another powerful track that really shows off both Stapleton’s range and talent as a vocalist, not to mention is has some pretty awesome guitar sections that just soothe the soul. I think this ranks as one of my favourites on the album, and of all the tracks so far I would recommend this one highly if you had to pick one that would get you to buy the full album.

‘Tryin’ To Untangle My Mind’ is a little more playful than the past few tracks, but only in the kinda dismissive self deprecating way that not everyone can manage. I really liked this track because of it, he just belts out these lines and I can’t help but just get caught up in them.

‘A Simple Song’ and simply put I liked it, definitely another favourite, its melodic and blends that irrepressible country music with Stapleton’s voice, and again he’s accompanied by a female vocalist who really compliments him well. This track is certainly simple, with a very easy going melody and backing track, but its not uncomplicated because it inspires a very strong reaction.

‘Midnight Train To Memphis’ was actually previous recorded with his former band The SteelDrivers and its just as good now as It was then, its very rock inspired compared to the other tracks on the album but it’s a welcome change as it shakes things up as well approach the last track on the album. And again it really gives Stapleton a chance to show us his musical range.

‘Drunkard’s Prayer’ is slower, especially compared to the last track but from the first chord it has a depth of emotion that makes it as powerful as any fast paced song. I think that this earns my top spot for favourite track of the album, there have been some doozies on Volume 2 but this is the right blend of everything I love about Chris Stapleton’s music.

‘Friendship’ is another cover, and a great way to close out the album, its a cover of ‘Friendship’ by Pops Staples and its touching and emotional and really ties together all of the other tracks. I do suggest listening to the original to see what you think but I feel that this track holds its own against the original.

So those were my thoughts on Chris Stapleton’s Album ‘From A Room: Vol 2’ and if you want to get a copy for yourself check it out on Bandcamp. And if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on with Chris Stapleton then check him out on Facebook and Twitter or visit his website.


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