Album Review: Captain of the Lost Waves Album – Hidden Gems: Chapter I

Captain of the Lost Waves

Captain of the Lost Waves is a solo musician and performer who’s salty sea dog persona is just one of the things to love about him, another is his music which I just went crazy for and I’m sure you will to when you listen to it. But anyway on with the actual review.

‘Grand National’ opens with the classic theme from which it takes its title, and is a lovely example of a song using a sound clip well to introduce itself or express something. Once the track started properly I loved it, it’s so hopeful and dreamy in its quality and The Captain is a talented vocalist whose voice is strong, and in terms of both quality and Persona reminds me a little of Steam Powered Giraffe. This is a really powerful song, especially to kick things off and I suggest you give it a few listens to really hear all of it.

‘Another Planet’ opens to an intro of drums and a lovely stringed instrument that really compliments The Captain’s voice, he really has a lot of range vocally equally able to hit high and low notes, something that’s really admirable. This track gives off a strange almost ethereal quality which suits being on another planet really well.

‘Happy in Bed’ an alarm and snoring, all of us know that feeling of being warm and comfy in bed when obligations come a calling, and The Captain puts that into words for us with his incredible voice.

‘Danger’ kicks off with a police siren and sheep bleating, again I get a strong sense of Steam Powered Giraffe from The Captain, if he decides to take on a crew then I recommend he have that band join him. But seriously this track is zany and well put together and just flows really well and I had it stuck in my head all week, it’s just so catchy and enjoyable.

‘Summer’ changes tact from the last song, it’s a little sad but behind the weight is a melody that practically carries you along with it and again The Captain’s powerful voice adds so much more complexity to his words.

‘Fat Freddy’s Fingers’ opens with piano and waves washing back and forth, he again uses sound clips to support and enhance his music, I also enjoy this track because he really lets himself go with this track, I was already impressed by his voice but this really does raise the bar. I think this is probably one of my favourites on the album.

‘This Is a Song’ is less melancholic sounding, and is indeed a song, in terms of musical its fairly simple but for the simplicity everything fits together and you just let the song wash over you and carry you away, I think this also stacks up very highly in terms of my favourites on the album.

‘Don’t Miss What’s Right In Front Of You’ is very Parisian in terms of the sound, I think that might just be the choice of instruments, but I like it, it sounds inspired without sounding like the soundtrack to every french love story montage ever. I liked this track, as as we come to the end of the album I can’t help but feel that each of these songs embodies what I love about music, the ability to inspire emotion and to just be something that takes you on a little journey.

‘Mr Many Men’ opens with The Captain belting it out, no other track starts quite like this and I’m glad he saved it for the last track. I also love this track for reminding me that the Mr Men exist, and to return the favour does anyone remember Fireman Sam? Anyway sorry about that silliness is over or at least postponed till I’m done with the review. I like how The Captain’s voice can sound hopeful and sad so easily and either way sound pure, clear and just a joy to listen to.

So that’s what I thought about Captain of the Lost Waves Album ‘Hidden Gems – Chapter 1’ and if that all sounds good then check it out on Spotify. And if you want to keep up to date with The Captain then follow him on Facebook and Twitter or visit his website.


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