EP Review: LK Projection – A Shout From the Street

LK Projection Promo Image

LK Projection is a Glasgow based musical project from Stewart Cuthill, who usually works with David Macaulay but for this release he was joined by the musical talents of Davy Irvin and Martin McCann on guitars, Harry Motto on Bass and Michael Slevin on drums. Today I’ll be talking about ‘A Shout From the Street’ an EP which is due to be released soon. 

‘All Part of the Blue’ opens fast, a bit like a bolt out of the blue, sorry starting the bad jokes early, its a very classic tune, from someone who knows what he’s trying to make. I liked this track, it’s not overly complicated, it’s just simple and honest and I could genuinely see myself listening to this track again.

‘Close to the Jagged Edge 2’ opens with a really nice baseline, that shows that while sometimes bass is overlooked its instrumental to bringing a track together. I liked this track as well, I have the bad habit when reviewing of either listening to a track way too many times or just the once, but with a track like this, once is enough to understand it but even after a dozen tracks you’re still enjoying it. It’s just a good song and I would really like to hear it performed live.

‘Oh Thrills’ third track in a row where I really like the intro, it’s got a lot of energy and yet its leaving room to build, I think this is probably my favourite, and they’ve managed to remain fresh and do something a little different with each track, while still making songs that still sound like they were made by the same person.

‘Reach Out (Touch the Sky)’ sounds like it would be amazing live, and it certainly sounds good recorded, its got a lot more going on off the bat than the other tracks, I still like the previous track the most but this is a close second. I think what I like about this artist and his music is that its pure, unpretentious and just sounds good.

So that’s what I thought of ‘A Shout From the Street’ an EP from LK Projection and if you want to get a copy for yourself then keep an eye on social media, you can find links to their Facebook and Twitter here.


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