EP Review: Void Pleasantries – I Will Name It

Void Pleasantries EP 'I Will Name It'

Void Pleasantries are an Alternative Rock and Roll band from Bellshill, North Lanarkshire made up of John McKellar and Ryan Gaffney. Today I’ll be reviewing their EP ‘I Will Name It’ which was released on January 18th 2018.

‘I Will Name It’ opens with a nice drum intro that carries straight into a tight guitar section, I was not expecting the vocalist to sound like that though given the music but that’s my fault for assuming and to be honest the vocals were amazing, once I got over what I was expecting I really enjoyed the way they fit with the instruments.

‘What You Want’ opens up on what I totally feel is hero music, like you could imagine this playing in a scene where a superman type is discovering their powers, I think it’s mostly the guitars doing that but Its still awesome and flows really well. I listened to this a few times before I made any decisions but I think it’s one of my favourites on the EP, I love the vocals and I love how well its put together.

‘Emerald (Live)’ opens on a nice guitar before the drums and bass kick in, the quality isn’t as good as the first two tracks because its a live recording but it gives a nice flavour of what the band is like live and also happens to sound really good. So far I’ve heard nothing that wouldn’t make me go see this band.

‘Be The Hunted (Demo)’ has a nice little intro that builds just the right amount of dread and suspense while not being too jarring, its slow and has a nice little rhythm. I enjoyed the vocal sections, they could be a little hard to hear at times, but I don’t demand perfection all I want is a song that sounds good and that I actually have some reaction to and this certainly fits the bill, especially once it starts to pick up and get a little faster.

‘From Afar (Demo)’ starts off quite easily, a nice little building baseline that is backed by some sound effects and again builds this excellent sense of intensity and dread. I liked this track a lot as well, the vocalist has a way of singing that not only works well with the music but also adds an almost ethereal quality, I think it’s because their voice is quite light, but it really does work well with the tracks themselves. I also like that this track goes much heavier for the last minute or so, shaking things up before powering down.

‘Tedious Lie (Demo)’ is the final track on the EP and it’s an excellent closer, a little more fast paced than a few of the other tracks and I bet it would be amazing live. It also has some of the best lyrics of all the tracks on the EP but I won’t spoil it, let you decide on your own.

So that’s what I thought of Void Pleasantries EP ‘I Will Name It’ and if you want to check it out then visit SpotifyIf you want to keep up to date with the band then check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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