Album Review: John Kampouropoulos – LFE​.​AFTR

John Kampouropoulos Album ‘LFE​.​AFTR

I first heard John Kampouropoulos and his music when I reviewed his band KAMP but today I’ll be reviewing his solo efforts. John is a Greek singer/songwriter and if you haven’t heard his music then check it out today. Also keep an eye on the page for an Interview I did with him as well.

‘Home’ opens with a pretty chilled out tune, some guitar that backs up John’s voice, he’s a talented vocalist and he knows just what notes to hit. Home is slow but well paced and is a pretty excellent first track. I also think as the first exposure to his solo music it’s a pretty good example of where he is at musically.

‘(She’s a) Power Blaster’ has a lot more energy to it and it’s far more fast paced than ‘Home’ but it serves to show John’s range both vocally and musically. It’s also a super catchy track that I was singing for a good week or two after hearing it.

‘Life’ has a pretty great intro, a nice blend of building guitars and percussion that did a really good job of building intensity, the melody interwoven throughout the track to me is deliberately jarring but in a good way, like it evokes a very specific reaction to it. I also really liked this track, and enjoy just putting it on full blast and letting it fill the room, something I suggest you do.

A Moment to Think’ has a heavier intro, more guitar and drums it’s certainly something to get you moving and I think it would be great for a live performance. It has a nice little breakdown about the 40 second mark, where it mellows out a little, and especially in this track I am impressed by John’s skill as a vocalist.

‘Shadow’s Dream’ has a slow building opening with some synth notes that grow, it creates quite an impression then blend perfectly with John’s vocals. I liked listening to this track and its another I recommend you listen to full volume and just let it take you away.

‘Heaven’ I think this is one of my personal favourites, it’s intense and emotional and proves a point I already knew, that John has one hell of a voice. I like how touching and melodic this track is though, sure that’s kinda what you expect of Heaven but I was still surprised by the vulnerability to this song.

‘Angels’ Embrace’ a very electronic song and not what I was expecting after the last track, but a good artist shakes things up to keep people interested and I did really enjoy this track, fun tip its really good to write with it playing in the background.

‘Escape’ changes things up again, with a beat I can only describe as funky, its not unpleasant though and as I’ve said this really gives us a chance to see John’s solo music at its best, and what he is capable of when he experiments.

‘Grace of the Unknown’ starts with some blaring guitar…I think before breaking into the song properly, this one has some awesome heavier sections and John shows he’s got the vocal range for something a little harder as well as some of the more melodic entries on this album.

‘A different Working Day’ is a nice track to end on, heavy percussive opening that merges with the vocals without fading away, and backing him up perfectly. I listened to this one while going jogging for the first time in about five years, and while the jog was an awful regrettable mistake, listening to this track wasn’t and I firmly suggest you listen to it and the whole album.

So that’s what I thought of John Kampouropoulos’s Album ‘LFE​.​AFTR’ support the artist by following him on Facebook and Twitter.


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