Author Interview: S.C Wright

S.C Wright

Here’s an Interview I did with author S.C Wright, where she talks about herself, her inspirations and her books.

Okay tell me about yourself

Well, most importantly to me, I’m autistic and writing is my thing. I’ve never been shy of admitting it as I want other autistics to know that the sky’s the limit. Never give up and so on 🙂 Without waffling, of course!

Of the books you’ve written which are you favourite and least favourite?

Oh jeez. See, that’s a funny question because I hate and love all of my books. At the moment my favourite is Fools Gold (the third of the series) because it’s my recent one and I always feel that I improve with every book. It’s probably the darkest one to date and I love writing dark things. My least favourite – eh, again it changes. After editing a thousand times, and believe me, it’s never enough, you start to hate looking at the story, so it really changes depending on when I last edited it. Hah.

Now that they are out there is there anything you’d change if you could?

I sometimes wish I’d made Gabriella older, but in the grand scale of things, it wouldn’t affect the story that much. I also kinda wish I’d made Chloe Creole instead of Cajun but the story will make more sense as she is. You’ll have to wait till book four to find out more, sorry!

What genre are your stories?

Urban fantasy. Fantasy fiction that takes place in the here and now, present day. It’s humorous, sarcastic, and I like to think it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The further along the series I go, the darker the elements in it. If you don’t like adult themes, I wouldn’t recommend going passed the second book!

Do you have a favourite character from your own writing?

I really like Yula. She’s my auttie character, but Gabriella is my favourite. She’s strong, determined, and won’t let anyone tell her what she can and can’t do. She does struggle asking for help sometimes but I think that’s a trait a lot of seemingly strong people need to learn to overcome. *Laughs awkwardly* Yeah, I see a lot of myself in Gabriella, and I don’t know if I did that by accident or on purpose.

Is there anyone else you’d like to credit for helping your books come together?

Oh, there’s plenty of people. Half of my facebook friends for reading the drivel that comes before a manicured piece of writing. Chu, Hazel, Fergus. And all the people who have bought them. I love the idea that people are finding amusement or inspiration from them.

What book and/or writer do you find most inspiring?

That’s a dangerous question because I love almost every book I pick up. I love Eric Nylund’s Original Works. I love Philip Pullman, Garth Nix, Anne Rice. There’s Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim series. And that Bel Canto by Ann Pratchett. Heck, Terry Pratchett too.

Are there any books you think your own are like?

I think I’m too close to my own work for that, but I do recall a review saying that they thought I was like Neil Gaiman. I don’t know if that’s true though!

What difficulties have you faced in getting your work published?

The usual hurdles. Trying to write a book that I didn’t hate, trying to keep myself writing, trying to force myself to finish it. Haha. The usual artist mindset.

What is your opinion on traditional publishing and self-publishing?

It depends on the person. I’ve had more success self-publishing than I did traditional and that’s okay. It took me a long time to realise that it doesn’t matter as long as I get my work out there to the readers. I’ve met some amazing friends, fans, and readers along the way and I guess I needed someone to traditionally publish it to realise that I do have what it takes. I decided to turn to self-publishing afterwards because that feels right to me.

Okay as someone who has had some success as a writer what tips can you give those that also want to be successful?

At the risk of repeating a lot of cliches; write. Write, write, write and then write more. Read everything. Read more. Write and read until you find inspiration and then do it again. As a writer, you often find you don’t have time or motivation to read, and that’s when you need to do it even more. I can’t go into the details of why or how it works so well, but while I take breaks from writing to read, plot holes in my stories often work themselves out while reading seemingly innocuous and unrelated topics.

Have you followed any blueprints when writing?

There’s the story of the hero idea, where the hero finds a problem, solves it, returns to new normality idea. But that’s as close to a blueprint I have. I prefer to challenge stereotypes and make people think. I’m one of those annoying writers your English teachers like because I throw a lot of foreshadowing and secret hints throughout the stories for you to figure out. Hehehe.

What would you suggest first time writers avoid?

Publishers that you have to pay for. Don’t get sucked into scams. And always read the fine print. If you want to go Vanity press, go for it, but don’t get tricked into it.

If you have any social media please provide links?

You can find me on facebook where I respond quicker:

And also on Twitter:

And Instagram:  

Also provide any links to where people can buy your books?

You can purchase my books on Amazon by clicking here, here, here and here

Do you have anything coming out in the near future?

I’m taking a short break at the moment since Fools’ Gold just recently came out but then I’ll be working on Salt Water, the next book in the series.

And lastly could you give me a tweet length summary of either your first or most recent book, something to excite potential readers?

Kana is nearing the end of her teenage years. With no goals she just can’t reach her family’s expectations. On her nineteenth birthday she is kidnapped by a vampire and her chauffeur and ends up the hostage of a host of strange creatures…


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