Interview with Olumide Fadeyibi (Turn Flicks)

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Here we have an Interview with Olumide Fadeyibi a director, filmmaker and operator of Turn Flicks. I have a little chat with him where he talks about bringing Nollywood to Scotland.

Okay so first off tell me where are you from?
I am from Nigeria.

When did you come to the UK and how old were you when you were first arrived.
I came to UK December 2006 and I was 29 years old then.

I believe you’ve spent time in England and Scotland which country do you feel is easier to be a creative type in?
I have spent all my creative years in Scotland and only lived in England for about seven months.

Why did you come to the UK in the first place?
I came to UK to study.

Did you always want to be a filmmaker?
I have always loved the magic behind movies but growing up I wanted to be a doctor.

How long have you been making films for?
For about 5 years now

How many films have you made and how well have they been received.
I have made two feature films one experimental feature and about 15 short films. Each film I made has gotten me at least one new fan so I am happy with the outcome. However there is room for improvements.

Tell me about turn Flicks?
Turn Flicks is a film production company that I set up some time ago to deliver comprehensive video and film contents and also event coverages.

Are their ways for other creative types to get involved and contribute to turn Flicks?
I am currently seeking scripts from writers and also need one or two people to contribute as sound mixer and boom operator. I also need a team for PR and marketing. So there are various ways other creatives can contribute to the success of Turn Flicks.

Is there anyone you work with that you feel also deserves recognition?
The list is endless Thomas, I would like to thank everyone that has come across my path one way or the other as every individual has actually shaped my journey so far. I also want to say a big thank you to the team that has worked with me to create every film or video I’ve done. So far I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people on productions so it’s so hard to mention names now but I always give credit at the end of every production.

Can you tell me about some of your high points and low points In following your dream?
I believe life is a rollercoaster and there has been so many ups and so many downs but in all I am grateful to life for offering me the opportunity to be who I am especially for having the mind that the future will definitely be better than the past.

Can you tell me more about the nollywood film scene in Scotland?
I am the only one along with my team trying to establish Nollywood in Scotland and slowly but surely we will get there. African In Motion film festival is also doing their part in showcasing Nollywood to the Scottish audience but I am the only filmmaker carrying the touch of making Nollywood films in Scotland and following my films especially Deep Shit that has a prominent Nollywood face, now some Nollywood producers have started showing interest in Scotland.

How important is your culture in your filmmaking?
Without my culture I would not be making films, so my culture forms the core part of my films and how I tell my stories. My culture forms the basis of my story telling abilities and my aim is to showcase the African culture through film.

What type of films do you make?
I make Nollywood films.

I believe you were also on Judge Rinder, what was that about and how did it go?
It was about an artist that was signed to a record label that I co own with my friend. The judgement went in our favor.

Finally tell me something about yourself that’s surprising or interesting?
Can’t believe I am forty years old already!

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