Album Review: Electrobuddha – Electrobuddha the Complete Collection

Electrobuddha 'The Collection 2001-2016'

Electrobuddha(Mark Hamilton Mccaffer) is a solo musician, originally from Glenmavis and now living in Airdrie and performing all across Scotland. Today I’ll be reviewing some personal highlights from ‘Electrobuddha The Complete Collection’. Also if you want to find out a little more about Electrobuddha then check out the Interview I did with him right here.

‘Air India’ opens with a nice little guitar riff, that merges with a nice little percussive bit, it all supports Electrobuddha’s voice really well. This song inspired by the rich music of India works really well, it’s busy but not crammed full and its genuinely pleasant to listen to, his voice is strong and rich and works perfectly with the music.

‘Cecilia’s Garden’ is a little more melancholic than the last track but it shows not only range to his singing ability but is a really touching song that catches in the mind and doesn’t let go.

‘Do Ya Punk?’ I liked this track, for the sound clip taken from Dirty Harry to tight little guitar section that follows it up, it shows that Electrobuddha doesn’t have any genre boundaries and just makes things that sound great.

‘Fires of the Sun’ is a little more acoustic than the previous couple of tracks but it really gives Electrobuddha a chance to show of his voice, like ‘Cecilia’s Garden’ it’s a little softer and slower but its really enjoyable and soothing.

‘Girlfriend On A Motorcycle’ I liked this track, its a little playful, a little wishful and its really catchy, it’s not overproduced and has a real, genuine feel about it. It also makes good use of percussion throughout.

‘Notch In The Headboard’ Another percussive track, it builds a nice little rhythm and backs up Electrobuddha’s vocals, again this is just a song that its too heavy or too overproduced but hits the mark well and stays there.

‘Scary Monsters’ is a more classic rock opening, blaring guitars with drums to back it up and it’s really good, because it reinforces the fact that Electrobuddha doesn’t confine himself to one style but also shows off that jack of all trades, master of none doesn’t apply to music because this is as good as any of the other tracks on the album and I recommend you hear it for yourself. I think this is probably one of the best tracks on the album, it just works so well, plus I love the hook, I found myself singing it for days after I first heard it.  

‘Sexy Newsreader’ This track blends humour with an awesome instrumental backup that really ties the whole thing together. And is second behind the last track in terms of my personal favourites.

‘Sit With The Guru’ is another Indian inspired track, that helps Mark Hamilton Mccaffer live up to his alias of Electrobuddha. It’s another busy track that blends the music really well, I think I liked this track a little more than ‘Air India’ perhaps because Electrobuddha, lets himself go a little more with this track.

‘The Man Who Killed The World’ such an awesome title, and it has one of the best intros of the entire album, a lot of stuff is happening but it all builds and merges perfect to provide the perfect bed of notes and music for Electrobuddha’s voice.

‘Out Of The Dark, Into The Light’ has Electrobuddha join the backing music in supporting him in an almost acapella way, I liked it, it felt honest and it was different and opened up this track really well.

‘Glorious’ is a perfect track to close out this exploration of the musical talents of Electrobuddha from his beginnings all the way up to 2016, because not only is it a strong example of his musical talent but the song has the distinct air of a finishing track, just something about it suits the last stop on an album jam packed full of impressive musical contributions.

So that’s what I thought of Electrobuddha and his album ‘Electrobuddha the Complete Collection’ which you can check out the complete collection on Spotify and bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with him you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and visit his website.


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