Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – January

Djana Gabrielle 'January'

I’ve previously reviewed Djana Gabrielle and if you want to read that then click here, but before I get on with this review I want to talk a little about the the artist, she’s originally from Cameroon, but was raised in France and is now based in Glasgow. She is a talented indie/folk musician and if you want to find out more about her then you can read this interview I did with her as well. So hopefully that’s a good enough introduction let’s get on with the review.

‘January’ I was already a fan of Djana Gabrielle, but this renewed my admiration for her voice, its beautiful and strong and hopeful. I have the habit of listening to a song a few times when reviewing it, sometimes it can get a bit repetitive but with a song like this you really enjoy each listen. This track just kinda flows through you and you find yourself just caught up in it. All I have to say is that It might be February but I’m going to be stuck on January for a while, and you should check it out via the link below.

So that’s what I thought about ‘January’ a single by Djana Gabrielle and if you want to get a copy for yourself then check it out on bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with her then follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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