Album Review: Anna Sweeney – Game Face

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Anna Sweeney is a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Ayr who is coming back to the music scene after a break with her debut album ‘Game Face’ which I will be talking about today. For those of you that want to find out a little bit more, keep an eye out for an Interview with her that will be going up on the site soon, anyway without any more delays on with the review.

‘Jealous’ has an awesome electronic build, and then they give way to Anna’s incredible voice, its strong, sure of itself and sounds good to the ear. This was actually my first experience with her music, but with tracks like this I can say with certainty it won’t be the last. I tend to hear a lot of different music doing these tracks but its good when I hear something that’s maybe not my usual music but I love it because the artist is just so talented.

‘Seventeen’ I liked this one for the get go, it’s hopeful, full of emotion and flows so well that I really felt it needed a few listens to actually hear everything that was going on. I like ‘Seventeen’ a darn sight more than anything that happened to me when I was Seventeen. Its sweet but not soppy and on this alone I can see why Anna Sweeney is going places with her music.

‘You Knew It’ opens with a beautiful piano section, before Anna comes in and blows you away with her immense set of pipes, it’s not that she’s loud or showy, but that her voice is strong and you get a real sense of emotion and depth when she sings. This song is one of my favourites, it’s the type of song you can just shut off to and let it sweep you away, I can’t say its cheerful but it does resonate with me and I think that’s more important.

‘Wind & Fire (Album Version)’ Is another track that’s powerful and melancholic in equal measure, this song talks about a relationship and how people change and about holding onto something when its maybe not the best. Its honest, and I think we can all respect the message in the song.

‘Encore’ Was so catchy I had it stuck in my head all week after I first listened to it, it follows the same feel as the other tracks but is a little more fast paced which changes things up just enough. I liked ‘Encore’ and felt that it acted as the perfect bridge between the first and second half of the album.

‘Caught in the Rain’ starts off a little more acoustic than the other tracks, and it really gives Anna a chance to show off her voice, I think because of the chorus which just feels a little different from the previous tracks. Just behind ‘You Knew It’ I think this is also a personal favourite from the album.

‘Heartbreaker’s Daughter’ I knew I’d like this track because the title is just so interesting but even I was surprised by this sensational track, Anna truly goes from strength to strength with this album and ‘Heartbreaker’s Daughter’ is a genuine highlight. You can hear her accent in this track as well which something I always like from a Scottish musician.

‘Fix’ is the final track on the album and after seven amazing tracks I was expecting something big and I wasn’t disappointed. It started with some synth backing tracks before Anna joined them, again I’m impressed by her voice, she controls it really well and it certainly doesn’t need a ‘Fix’ sorry dumb joke over with, I really liked this track and it was certainly worth being the closing track on this album.

So that’s what I thought of Anna Sweeney’s Album ‘Game Face’ and if you want to listen to it then you’ll have to wait until 3rd March 2018 when it goes live. In the meantime keep up to date with Anna Sweeney by following her on Facebook and Twitter or visiting her website.


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