EP Review: Playing With Punkarella – Vessels

Playing with Punkarella

Playing With Punkarella are an alternative rock group from the east coast of Scotland, they are a two piece outfit made up of Lee Blades on Guitar and Kim Thomson on Vocals. I’ll have more from the band in a day or two when I do my interview with them, which you’ll be able to check out if you keep an eye on the page, but for now on with the review.

‘A Friday in December at Camden’ opens hard and doesn’t let up, a lot of thrashing guitar that blends perfectly with the vocals, this was the first song I ever heard by the band and on the evidence alone I was impressed, I’ve completed quite a few reviews today but I took some time listening to this one and just enjoyed it. This track especially was worth a few listens. The singers voice very easily could be obscured by the guitars but she manages to make herself heard and that’s impressive, she isn’t fighting either, she just knows how to project herself. Reminds me a little of Amy Lee from Evanescence, she also manages to maintain a very distinct and soulful singing style against heavier instruments.

‘An Hour of Living’ is another heavy opening, a fusion of noises that just works together so well, I think the singer and the guitarist work so well together, they know how to work to compliment each other and that’s a harder skill than you might think. ‘An Hour of Living’ balances out its instrumental sections and vocals sections with an expert precision, and for some reason I feel like this track would be really good as video game music, something about it just seems like it would work really well in that format.

‘Drawin’ the Wildcard’ Now here’s a song I would love to hear live, it’s one of those tracks that picks up at it goes, and it has a little more of an edge to it than the previous songs. Plus I’m a sucker for enigmatic titles and I just love the title of the track. ‘Drawin’ the Wildcard’ is a standout song on the EP and it only gets better, as it has a phenomenal guitar section around the 2 minute mark.

‘Aquarian Blue’ Is significantly different from the other tracks so far, more atmospheric and emotional, and it highlights the singer far more than the previous songs where they shared the spotlight far more. But it does give her a chance to shine, if you’ll pardon the pun. I like it, I can say fairly that it wasn’t what I was expecting after the first couple of songs but it was certainly worth listening to and I enjoyed it immensely. This song is one of those track you can just close your eyes and get carried away by and for that alone I’d say listen to it.

‘Time… Is the Enemy, Distance…’ this is again a very atmospheric track, its full of long notes and sections that build to create a quiet intensity, and again the singer makes full use of her incredible voice to create a strong song. I think I prefer ‘Aquarian Blue’ the most out of the tracks on this EP but ‘Time… Is the Enemy, Distance…’ is a close second.

So that’s what I thought of Playing with Punkarella’s EP ‘Vessels’ and if you want to check them out then you can visit their soundcloud and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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