Album Review: Hello Creepy Spider – Inoperable

Hello Creepy Spider 'Inoperable'

Hello Creepy Spider are a two man group, one of them is from Glasgow, the other is from Stirling, you’ll find out which is which when you read my Interview with them which will be coming soon. Hello Creepy Spider is made up of Steff Watt who plays the drums and sings and Matt Johnson who plays Guitar and also sings. Together the pair produce some pretty sweet Rock and Roll music. Today I’ll be reviewing their album ‘Inoperable’ and so without further ado here we go.

‘Maybe I Am Human’ honestly less than 20 seconds and I knew I was gonna love this track, it’s a little bit odd, and more than a little awesome, I could have and totally did listen to it a bunch before I moved onto the rest of the album. It’s not exactly a heavy track but it does have a lot of energy that could easily get a room on its feet, so for that alone I think it’d be an ideal live performance track.

‘Dejected’ different tonally from the last track, a lot heavier alot more anger and passion but it comes together so well, it’s not just manic energy which some bands think is all a good tune takes, its all very well done, it’s complicated but with a simple message. I liked this track and blazed through it, shame its only 1 minute 46 seconds but still well worth a listen.

‘I’m Sick’ it was at this point in the album I was amazed by these tracks, they managed to cram so much into the track, its up, its down, it’s just a phenomenal song that kinda just takes over a little bit. I think ‘I’m Sick’ is a personal favourite, even the mental laughing at the end.

‘Learning Is Fun’ is very strange, but from a band called Hello Creepy Spider it’s not surprising and for a song that so short and is literally mostly counting its still really good, a testament to the skill of the pair. Also the voice one of the pair did reminded me a little of Bobcat Goldthwait who is like the patron saint of manic and energetic.

‘Bugs’ calms things down a little, its slower but still captures the same raw spirit that I’m guessing just encapsulates the band, it’s all very silly and crazy and amazing and I just love it. I liked sick but I loved this track.

‘Attack Ships’ starts going back up a little but not the same level of energy, but it doesn’t feel like they’re petering out but rather they are just balancing things out and throwing out something that’s right for the song. I’ve talked before in other reviews how it’s important to find a balance with songs, not too heavy the whole way through…unless that’s the whole point and not too fast again unless that’s the point but a nice balance. But Hello Creepy Spider manage to find a balance while just doing whatever they feel like.

‘Song For The End Of The World’ and now a much slower song, more melancholic as the name suggests, and it really gives the singer a chance to show off his skills to their fullest, and the guitarist also gives us a good show, managing to play off the vocals perfectly.

So that’s what I thought of ‘Inoperable’ by Hello Creepy Spider and literally my only complaint is that it felt brief but it left me wanting more which I suppose is good. If you want to have a listen and get yourself a copy then check out their bandcamp and you can keep up to date with the band by following them on Facebook.


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