EP Review: The Raft – Orion

The Raft 'Orion'

Orion is an EP by Liverpudlian music man, Phil Wilson and Its a real shame this is the first time I’m hearing his stuff but after this it won’t be the last. Anyway enough of that, you can read what I thought of the tracks below.

‘Blue And Blue’ hits you instantly, but its soothing rather than overwhelming, it kinda sweeps you and and caries you with it, very fitting then that we’re on a raft…sorry dumb joke. Anyway I liked this song, reminded me of a band called Anomalies, who are sadly no longer together, much like them Blue and Blue, is a perfect atmospheric hit that just kinda gets you, it’s not a track for jumping about and not even really something I’d put on to chill out but instead it’s more of an experience.

‘Orion’ is the title track of the EP and it starts with gentle bird song and a reverberating riff before the track kicks into full gear, much like the previous song this one has the potential to just kind of fill a room, its not loud or fast paced but it is powerful.

‘Into You’ has another voice joining Phil Wilson, I believe the female voice belongs to Claire O’Neill and she has a phenomenal voice that works perfectly with the track and really gives the EP a burst of additional vibrancy and energy as we move to the last track. Into You, I think is probably my favourite track on the EP because it combines everything that’s great about the first two tracks but just has a little something extra.

‘My Elusive Friend’ is the final track on the album and gives the male vocalist a chance to shine, he has a strong melodic voice that sounds equal parts melancholic and hopeful. I liked this track a lot as well. I certainly think it works well as a closing track and again I just felt myself just closing my eyes and experiencing it, which makes doing these review difficult as I write while I listen a lot of the time, dumb joke again. Sorry. But seriously though this is a beautiful song and I seriously think anyone reading this would be remiss if they didn’t also listen to the entire EP.

So that’s what I had to say about Orion, an EP by The Raft and you can check him out on Facebook and Twitter and have a listen to the EP on bandcamp as well.


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