Album Review: Dirty Old Red – Upcoming Album Teaser

Dirty Old Red

Dirty Old Red are a Glasgow based three piece contemporary blues band made up of David Boyle on Vocals and Guitar, Daniel McCann on Bass and Brian Mckee on Drums. I’m going to be reviewing some tracks on their soundcloud that will be part of an upcoming album released later this year.

‘Easy Days, Hard Nights’ has a nice percussive intro backed up by a nice little baseline, then the guitars wash over both and it’s just fantastic. The singer is also pretty impressive, he has a great voice that goes perfectly with the instruments and he knows how to hit the high notes which is good. As a track that’s essentially introducing me to the band because I’d never heard them before it’s a really strong choice, you already get a sense of who they are and their style and I really like it.

‘Bandito’ a sweet little guitar riff, and a name that instantly creates a vivid mental image I knew I was gonna like this track, it’s swinging and would be amazing performed live. Again I’m really impressed by the singer, he has a good range and doesn’t limit himself when he sings I feel like he has a good stage presence. I really like ‘Bandito’ it just rolls over you and you’d be hard pushed to resist getting up and dancing to it.

‘Pearl’ is a little different from the other tracks, more rocky than the other two, and paced a little differently but style very clearly the product of the same band, the same style mixed through it. I could really get to like this band. I could also hear this song coming out of a jukebox after putting in a quid or two, something about it is very classic. I especially like the riff around the 2 minute 20 mark it’s awesome and lasts just long enough to be enjoyed but not too long that it drags in.

‘Wee Jamie’ a very nice opening, not as energetic off the bat as some of the other at least till the singer starts belting it out, but it adds a good counterpoint to him singing and keeps the song steady, and it even picks up. I’ve focused a bit on the singer because I like his style but this song especially at least for me show how good the band is as a whole, the instrument sections are really strong and show what Dirty Old Red are capable of doing

‘Me, The Devil & The Backstreet Brawl’ and here we have the last of the demo tracks and it is a tremendous closer, I could listen to it for days. I really enjoyed this track, everything about it is top notch, the name, the singing, the instrumental sections it’s all a product of a band that work really well together and have a clear style and image. Some of the guitar sections in this track especially are so good. It’s definitely one of those song I go on about in my other reviews where you can just close your eyes and let it take you away.

So that’s what I think about these teaser tracks and if you want to have a look then check out their soundcloud and you can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


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