EP Review: Luminous – Contre Courant

Luminous Cover Art

So let me tell you more about Andy Isacsson, performing under the name Luminous, he is a Glasgow based musician, producer and improviser who was nice enough to let me review some of his music. I’ll be reviewing a release of his from July 2015, all tracks on the album ‘Contre Courant’ were written by him with the exception of Meera Pyre. Anyway that’s enough of an introduction, lets get on with the review.

‘Space/Place’ has a very atmospheric intro, very ironic for a song with the word space in it which famously has no atmosphere. Dumb joke over with, back to the review. It’s a very esoteric and unique opening, with sound bites added to create a very interesting opening. I like it alot. I think that it shows of Luminous’s musical creativity really well. It’s also very raw, according the the information on the bandcamp page where I listened to the EP all the tracks were recorded 1st take, so its rough but very competently done. I was very impressed by this track and can’t wait to hear more.

‘Bonobo’ is instantly different from the previous track, still quite synth heavy but you could easily mistake this for the work of a different musician, showing that he has a varied and fresh style. I liked the beat, that was both upbeat and vibrant, just building until you think it’s just going to go on forever and then it’s slowly joined by other instruments until eventually fading out, it creates a really powerful effect. I loved this track, it was just pure experimentation and it worked really well.

‘I defy thee’ more like the first track, but still unique in its own right, I enjoyed this track because again it made really good use of building notes and repetition. The voices were also pure and clear, and almost a little eerie but still you can’t help but get swept away by them. It does change quite a bit style wise after the one minute mark but I think it shakes the listener up really well and doesn’t give them what they expect.

‘Aiwass radio’ I like how Luminous uses sound clips to evoke reactions and emotions, it’s interesting and when dealing with lots of musicians and bands who just singing or play their instrument its refreshing to hear someone use such an unusual method to express themselves.

‘Meera Pyre’ by far the longest track on the album at 10 minutes and 44 seconds, but it’s for the length, its an incredibly moving and intense track, that captures everything that was great about the album as a whole.

So that’s what I thought about Luminous and his album ‘Contre Courant’ and if you want to check it out for yourself them check out his bandcamp. You can check him out on Facebook or visit his website.


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