Album Review: The Zipwire Tramps – Amid The Alien Corn

The Zipwire Tramps 'Amid the Alien Corn' Cover Art

The Zipwire Tramps are a four piece band from Glasgow and Fife, who initially came together after playing five a side football and then then started jamming together. The band is composed of John Ferrigan on Guitar and vocals, Ray Alexander on Keyboards, John Quinn on Drums and Vocals and JD Allan on Bass and Vocals. Ray Alexander and JD Allan are former members of The Blimp.

‘Ma Machine’ has a truly phenomenal intro and what’s so impressive is that it’s so simple just a nice little fusion of instruments. But it’s a wonderful intro to the album and the band and promises something really special in store for the listener. It has a really nice rhythm to it that’ll guarantee it’ll get stuck in my head for days but with songs like this it’s worth it.

‘Firebreak’ open to just plain electric guitar then it’s joined slowly to create a nice building harmony. I’m also really impressed by the vocals, the singers aren’t the greatest vocalists to have ever lived but they have strong and distinct voices and sing to their style and so it works out perfectly. I especially love the harmonies on this track.

‘All Because of You’ another track that shows of their strong vocal style. I love the tune of this track, I could have listened to it about a hundred times, as it stands I left it at three but only because I had a review to write. So far this is my personal favourite, it’s just a classic Little Rock tune and washes over your really well.

‘The Living Flame’ slows things just a little bit is just as much a classic rock song as the previous one, it just captures an generation of music so well. It’s like free bird in a way but without the whole overplayed feel.

‘Bus Stop’ livens things up a little which is weird cause bus stops are rarely lively. Except for the occasional scrap. But this song kicks things back up again after the previous song slowed things down. Again I have to compliment to vocals; strong clear and and work really well.

‘Don’t You Think?’ Changes things up a little it’s not like the other songs so far but it does sound great. It’s very energetic and I bet it’s ideal for a live performance. After ‘All because of You’ this is my favourite, it’s just something you can rock out to and enjoy without having to think about it.

‘Wild Wild Woman’ with a name like that I was expecting something different but this was a welcome surprise. Slow, a little romantic and a little melancholic it’s a strong song especially for the last half of the album.

‘The Sea Is Rising’ has a nice percussive opening that builds real nice, joined by little notes of other instruments till you almost can’t wait for something else then the vocals kick it and help to build the same sense of anticipation and building.

‘Don’t Forget to Live’ is a nice closer that jumps back to energetic and full on after a more introspective song. It’s good and I like it, these guys know how to write a really nice hook for a song and pull it off as well.

So that’s what I thought of The Zipwire Tramps and their debut Album ‘Amid the Alien Corn’ which you can check out on spotify and if you want to keep up to date with them then follow them on Facebook.


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