Music Review: The Stoned Immaculate – Demo Tracks

The Stoned Immaculate

The Stoned Immaculate are a four piece band from Glasgow with Dec Reid on Bass, Scott Lennon on Drums, Callum Hughes on Lead Guitar and Louis Jamieson on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. When I reached out to do the review of The Stoned Immaculate I was given free reign to review whatever I wanted so I picked the demo tracks that were recorded Live at Sleazy’s, you can read my review below.

‘Poleshifter (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ I liked this track, its frenzied its energetic and perfect for the live session it was recorded in, you get a sense of energy of this band but also how good the function together, this is all recorded live so no editing or re-recording, they have one chance and they don’t blow it, this is an excellent performance and I’m looking forward to seeing them in person. The track does have slower moments but they seem to act to counter the faster paced parts, its really good.

‘Carmel (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ I liked that these recording included the band chatting a wee bit, it makes it feel real and like you’re there, as for the song itself its a little bit silly and a little bit romantic. Its a fun little track that I could easily see being one of their most popular and certainly a crowd pleasure that’d have them up on their feet. I think the best thing is that it isn’t too complicated and yet it manages to accomplish it alot. Also the singer has a very powerful voice and knows exactly when and where to belt it out.

‘Uh Oh (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ just from listening to this I get the feeling this was a good set, the songs are all clear, full of energy and easy to listen to and that’s as much as you can ask for from a band. The Stoned Immaculate really know how to create great songs, there hasn’t been one so far that hasn’t been something I’d stop and listen to if I heard it or that I wouldn’t put on at home. ‘Uh Oh’ is certainly one of my favourites because of the energy to it and the build towards the second half of the track and just how much yelling the singer gets away with, he just lets go, has a great time and it sounds brilliant.

‘Stairs (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ This chills things out just a bit to start with before letting loose, everything blaring and it sounds great, I’m honestly a bit jealous I wasn’t there at Sleazy’s after hearing this. Maybe I didn’t notice with the other tracks but this one is much heavier on the drums than the other tracks, and it certainly adds something to it. I like the style of this band alot, its very playful and yet manages not to seem silly.

‘Amsterdam (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ This song is a little slower, and gives the singer a real chance to show off his voice, it also opens with then just chatting to the crowd, it’s just a nice little track, and a great addition to a tight set.

‘Gaff (Recorded Live at Sleazy’s)’ the last track on the demo list, and this one kicks things back up again, clearly they didn’t wanna go out on a low note. I like that each track is unashamedly Scottish, its refreshing and fun. ‘Gaff’ has nice long instrumental sections to let the rest of the band show off what it can do. Overall just based on these tracks I would definitely recommend you listen to The Stoned Immaculate.

So that’s what I thought of the demo tracks by The Stoned Immaculate and if you want to check them out then have a look at their soundcloud and you can also follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with the band.


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