EP Review: Greenfinch – Upcoming EP Teaser

Greenfinch Artwork

Greenfinch are a five piece Glasgow based band made up of Seoras Campbell on Acoustic guitar and vocals, Stuart Nelson on Acoustic guitar and vocals, Dol Campbell on Electric guitar, Justin Caselton on Bass Guitar and Johnny Sormonth-Darling on Drums. Although for smaller gigs the line-up is just Seoras and Stuart. Anyway Greenfinch have an absolutely fantastic website, I love the style and design and just based on that wanted to review that band. I also wanted to throw in the word adorable but I feel like bands which I still think are a cool thing don’t want to be branded as adorable. But anyway, today I’m going to be reviewing four tracks that will be featured on a six track EP to be released in the near future.

‘Lullaby For Garden Birds’ has a lovely calming intro, soft guitar chords that wash over you, it truly is everything a lullaby should be. Then the vocals joins the sweet chords, also particularly suited to a lullaby, melodic and calm and soothing. I think there’s a stereotype that slow or calming music is boring or sleep inducing, and while there’s some truth to the latter, in that it wouldn’t keep you awake if you had it on while in bed at night I happen to like songs like this where you can close your eyes and let the music just kind of take you away. This is the perfect song for that and so therefore the perfect song for me. ‘Lullaby For Garden Birds’ is just nice, it’s a perfect little acoustic track and a lovely thing to hear.

‘Pre Dawn Plockton’ changes things up a little, still acoustic and still slow but at least to me it’s different, not as soothing, but just as hopeful. This is far more directly engaging, whereas before with the previous track I just wanted to experience the song, this one feels far more like a doing kind of track, like it should accompany something. I’m not sure if that was the intention but it certainly has more of a drive to it.

‘Fo Do Chasan’ Again a deliberate change, this one is far, far more active, just the slightest change in chords and it gives this song an energy, its still so sweet and melodic and with sweet Gaelic lyrics that add an air of mystery to the song, as someone who doesn’t speak the language. It still sounds so lovely though and you again just kind of get swept along by the track.

‘Panther’ seems to be in between, not as slow as the first track and not as upbeat as the previous track, but welcome because it acts to balance them out and show that regardless of how they play Greenfinch are true masters of this melodic and acoustic music they play. ‘Panther’ is probably my favourite on the track, I can’t quite decide why, I like the narrative of the track, but I think its just that it ties the rest of the songs up really well,

So that’s what I thought of The tracks being featured in the upcoming EP release by Greenfinch, if you are interested in following the band on social media you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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