Album Review: New Zero God – Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac

New Zero God 'Under the Influence of Captain Pan Ikatac'

New Zero God are a truly spectacular five piece post punk group from Greece, I’ve actually had the honour of reviewing them previously on a split single they did with Scottish band Savage Cut. You can check out that review here if you’re interested. New Zero God are made up of – Mike Pougounas on Vocals and Keyboard, Akis Nikolaidis on Guitar, Babis “BB Romeo” Efthimiou on Drums and Programming, Michalis Semertzoglou on Bass and John Psimopoulos on Drums. So that’s enough for now, I’m planning on reaching out to New Zero God for an Interview so hopefully we can make that happen and you can find out a bit more about them.

‘Hell Bet On Me To Lose’ reminds me strangely of Rocky Horror Show, The Time Warp, at least the intro, but as soon as I thought that I couldn’t shake the comparison. I liked it though, it’s got a very good vibe, it’s certainly something I’d listen to myself and that’s good, it’s fast but doesn’t rush to the end, and there’s a nice little breakdown close to the three minute mark that I really like. Overall it’s a really good song that I would love to hear performed live.

‘Under the Radar’ I love the vocals in this, they do seem to be on a different level from the instruments it sounds like they were recorded separately but it really works, it lends a strange quality to the track, like it has its own announcer. I liked ‘Under the Radar’ the instrumental sections were tight and well performed and it’s also something I’d like to hear live.

‘Shadow Of Wealth (Dark En Ciel Remix)’ The intro for this track gave me chills, the electronic beat just works so well, especially with the heavier vocals, it all just works, and gives the track an eerie almost unsettling quality, but I didn’t want to stop listening, in fact I was excited to hear more. I think this is probably my favourite on the album, it’s just so intense and atmospheric, I could easily hear this being the soundtrack for some gothic themed tv show or movie.

‘Shadow of Wealth’ I had a lot of praise for the remixed version so I had high hopes for this track and I wasn’t let down, they are distinctly different tracks at their core but I really enjoyed both, this track still kept an eerie edge to it but without the electronic theme, this one did use sound effects though which can sometimes be cheesy but worked really well here.

If you want to hear more from New Zero God then you can hear them on their Youtube and Bandcamp and if you want to keep up to date with them you can follow them on Facebook and check out their website.


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