Single Review: The Fables – Rock ‘n’ Roll Town

The Fables 'Rock n Roll Town'

So a little about the band before I start, The Fables are from ‘A rock n Roll Town’ called Glasgow and are made up on Mark McSween on vocals, James McSherry on Bass, Lloyd McAllister on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Alan Burgess on Guitar and Backing Vocals and rounding off the five piece group Allan Hopkinson on Drums. They’ve been around since early 2013 and have played all across Scotland. Today I’ll be talking about their new single ‘Rock n Roll Town’.

So here are my thoughts on ‘Rock n Roll Town’, I usually tend to only review the music, even when a band send me a link to a music video because for whatever reason I feel more comfortable talking about what I hear and feel from a track rather than what I see but In this case I’m gonna make an exception because I really liked the video, at times the editing was a little rough but it was quirky, and very unique and to be honest if i hadn’t been asked to do this review and had just came across the track via the video on Youtube I totally would have kept watching. I like things that are a little different and aren’t afraid to be honest and even a little bit silly at times and this band certainly manage all that. I love it. Anyway onto the track itself, it has an amazing beat to it, and an energy that would be so perfect for a live performance, I could see an entire room on their feet after this song comes on. I really love this song and it’s a shame I haven’t heard the band before now. I think the music as well just works so well with the video, you need to watch it if you haven’t already because its funny, but that never distracts from just how good the track actually is, sometimes when a band gets creative with their music videos you focus more on the video that the music, or worse it overpowers the music but The Fables have managed to blend them so well, that you can enjoy both on the same level.

So that’s what I thought about ‘Rock n Roll Town’ by The Fables and you can check out the video here on Youtube, you can also keep up to date with what’s going on with the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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