Music Review: A.J and Tara – Demo tracks

AJ and Tara Photo

A.J and Tara are a pop duo from Los Angeles, California made up of A.J Lauer and Tara Burrows. They are directly involved and passionate about interacting with their fanbase, I think that on that aspect alone they will be successful but when you factor in their talent and musical ability I’m sure we aren’t too far off seeing this pair become huge stars. Today I’m going to be reviewing some demo tracks I was sent by the pair on Twitter.

‘Believing’ is a very emotional track, and really gives Tara a chance to wow me with her voice, AJ’s deeper, husky voice is the perfect counterpoint to hers and sounds amazing on this track. This pair work expertly together and produce an incredible track that I listened to over and over again while writing this review.

‘Live the Life’ I liked this track, I bet it’d be amazing live, and it certainly has the potential to get a room jumping, its full of energy and is different enough from the other demo tracks that no one could accuse AJ and Tara of being one trick ponies. I think of the four demo tracks this was my favourite, its energy and the vocals were just so amazing. I liked the previous track alot but this one just has something special that pushed it over the top.

‘Rock the Night’ is a very vibrant track, incredibly well put together, and as much pop inspired as rocky. I liked this track, Tara is a talented vocalist and the back up provided by AJ was the perfect accompaniment. I mean this in the sense that Its weird they haven’t already become super successful but this track totally sounds like something I’ve heard on the radio already.

‘California (acoustic)’ the rhythm and rhyme of this track are good, it’s a fun, silly and lovely little track that again shows off what I’ve mentioned a few times in this track, that Tara has an excellent singing voice and is a talented vocalist. The guitar in this track is a sweet little addition and adds a lot to this song.

So that’s what I thought of AJ and Tara’s demo tracks, and if you want to get your own copy of those demo tracks you can check them out on their website and you can follow the musical pair on Facebook and Twitter.


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