EP Review: The Apparents – The Face May Change

The Apparents 'The Face May Change' cover art

The Apparents are a punk band from Scotland, most of them are from Ayrshire, they are made up of Sterver on Vocals, Geordie on Guitars and Backing Vocals, Monty on Guitars and Backing Vocals, Goose on Bass and James on Drums. This review is for their debut EP ‘The Face May Change’ and I also have a interview of them which will go up soon alongside this review.

‘Nothing Is Set in Stone’ hits hard from the get go, this would be spectacular live, with a lively opening guitar riff that goes perfectly with the bass and drums, and then the singer comes in with a defining scottish punk voice. I especially loved the back up vocals on this track, they weren’t screaming over each other or fighting, but just backing up the lead and adding to the point, a genuine harmony. I really like this track, it’s strangely upbeat, about not taking things for granted because nothing in life is guaranteed, and I just really enjoyed it.

‘Reali-TV’ has another great intro, more thrash than the last one and the singer changes up his style a little but its a welcome change and again I can’t help but think that I’d love to hear this band live. ‘Reali-TV’ fits far more with the conventional punk style, not that I really know what that is anymore but It just seems more punk if that makes sense, and its really good, its not copying it but expressing genuine feeling and sounding good while doing it.

‘This Is Scotland’ opens with some electronic bagpipes and its such a fun choice I instantly liked this track, it got even better, I enjoy the singers style, he’s just belting it out and if anything is Scotland its just someone telling you what Scotland is. Joking aside, I really did like this song, and it captured the punk political thing really well. I know a few people who will really love this song and I am one of them.

‘Tory Boy’ another really brilliant intro, fast paced and full of bite and energy, sometimes especially if you have a Scottish accent, talking quickly just makes everything sound like a regional burr, but here it really adds to the song, it helps give it some edge and makes it sound authentic, after all you can hardly trust a band if they need to hide their accents, especially when they are spitting truth. I loved the guitar sections in this especially.

‘Fuck Religion’ opens with some light percussion before the guitars kicked in, and the singer really went for it with this one, he didn’t relent and with a song like ‘Fuck Religion’ you wouldn’t expect him to, this song out of all of them I need to hear live because I have a feeling it’ll take over the room.

So that’s what I think about The Apparents and their release ‘The Face May Change’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then visit Spotify you can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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