EP Review: Dead Coyotes – Dog’s Gold

Dead Coyotes Image

So before I get started I’ll fill you in on the band, Dead Coyotes are a three piece band from Glasgow made up on Rory Boyle on the Guitar and lead Vocals, Dominick Gallagher on bass and Backing Vocals and Stephen Buggy on Drums and Backing Vocals. They are rock and roll group, influenced by the likes of Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age. I’m going to be reviewing their EP ‘Dog’s Gold’ and I already love that name so I’m sure I’m going to love the tracks. But anyway on with the review.

‘Ellyn Fights With Bears’ is the first track and its much slower than the other track, and if you listen to it in the order I did which was Incinerator man first then it’s a nice slow down after a decidedly more energetic track, this song though is by no means lethargic, the beat that runs through it keeps things pounding along really well. I think I liked this track the most out of the two, something about it just flows really well and you just kinda get carried away with it a bit, maybe it’s just me because I do like songs that you could chill out to as much as rock out to but this track really does both.

‘Incinerator Man’ has a very live performance vibe to it, I admire a band that can capture that feel without it sounding a little rough. I liked the vibe of this track from the get go, it came in fast without pulling any punches, and gave us some nice riffs that were just epic. I really enjoyed listening to this one, I probably played it five times on repeat, I tend to listen to tracks a few times just for the review but usually two or three, so its clear I really liked this one. It didn’t sound like a song I’ve heard before but it did manage to tap into a style and inspiration that made it seem as if this band had already hit it big. This is a good track, but by far the best part is the last minute which is largely instrumental and just shows how talented these guys.

So that’s what I thought of Dog’s Gold by Dead Coyotes, and if you want to check them out then you can hear their music on Soundcloud or Youtube and if you want to keep up to date with the band you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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