Single Review: Heavy Rapids – Crying Shame

Heavy Rapids 'Crying Shame' single Image

Okay before I get to talking about the single, I’ll tell you a little about the band, Heavy Rapids are a Glasgow based four piece band made up of Dillon Squire on Guitar/Vocals, Jamie Crawford on Guitar, Antony Becirspahic on Bass and Johnathan Boyd on Drums. They have been around since 2017 and have already released four singles, with much more on the horizon. They consider their music to be punk influenced rock and roll, and have already made quite an impact on the music scene with appearances at TRNSMT’s Jack Rock Stage and Glasgow’s Tenement Trail. So that’s a just a little bit about Heavy Rapids, and more to come soon when I do an Interview with them, but now onto the review of their latest single ‘Crying Shame’

Okay, first thought about ‘Crying Shame’ and this is a compliment in my eyes, the opening riff just made me think of the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. But getting away from that, I am immediately struck by the intensity and passion of the band, I can certainly see the punk, this song just carries so well, I tend to listen to tracks a few times before I can form up an opinion on them, but this one doesn’t need that, it all just came out, I just listened to it the extra times for fun. It’s just such an awesome track, I like the use of music to enhance things, it’s why I like soundtracks in movies, this is the kind of song I’d listen to to get pumped because its all energy and just a fusion of very talented people performing together. I often like to be positive when I review bands/musicians, which means being honest but trying to focus more on what’s good than what’s bad but with a track like this I don’t need to focus on the positive because its just so bloody good. Its even more surprising when you consider that the Heavy Rapids haven’t been around that long, I know some more established bands who haven’t found their style and sound as well as these lads have. All I can say is I am impressed and it’d be a ‘Crying Shame’ if you don’t get a copy of this album on the 19th when it is released.

So that’s what I thought of Heavy Rapids and their new track ‘Crying Shame’ you should get it when you can, and also check out Heavy Rain on Facebook and on Twitter. Keep an eye on these guys because they are going places.


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