EP Review: Das Plastixx EP – Button Up

Das Plastixx Photo

So I like to start off a review by talking a little about the band so here we go, Das Plastixx are a four piece band from Glasgow, they are made up of Jack Mohan on Vocals/keys, Mark Anthony Carroll on Guitar, Jamie Bookless on Bass/backing vocals and Gavin McCusker on Drums. That’s just a little bit about them to wet the whistle, there will be more coming up when I do an interview with them, which should be coming soon so keep an eye out for that, but anyway on with the review.

‘How Does It Feel?’ just sends out waves of sheer awesomeness from the get go, the opening riff just blends all the individual elements of the band together perfectly, and builds so well. Sometimes when a band sounds good playing they might be weak vocally but this was not the case for Das Plastixx, I could have listened to them sing a shopping list, it just sounded to good, and it wasn’t even that it was complicated or anything special but it just sounded good. The harmonies were even better because of it because the voices played off each other so well. How Does It Feel? Is a top class tune, and it makes me feel crazy for having gone this long without hearing the band.

‘Slither’ slither is different from the first track, not as immediately in your face, but still as good, its placed a little slower, but that suits the vocals that much better. ‘Slither’ really gives them a chance to show off how good they are with their instruments, particular kudos to the Bass and drums in this track, and not just because they seem to get a lot less love than the guitars. This song really did have some great instrumental sections, but they never overshadowed the vocal parts, just enhanced them.

‘You’re Not In Control’ The opening for this track really reminded me of the theme of an old batman cartoon I used to watch as a kid, that’s meant as a compliment, it was meant to evoke something edgy and a little dangerous and you get that exact same feel from the track, it really taps into something you finish up the track feeling a little unsettled, and that only serves to prove how amazing the track is. I think that it’s probably my favourite on the EP.

‘Button Up’ the title track of the EP, so it has a lot to hold up to especially since the rest of the tracks on the EP were so great, but I think it does the job quite well, the previous track is still my favourite but this is certainly a contender. It’s just as fast paced as the first track but takes on some of the edginess of the previous track. It really is an impressive closer to a whopper of an EP.

So those are my thoughts on ‘Button Up’ by Das Plastixx and you can get yourself a copy when its released on the 19th January. If you want to keep up to date with the band then you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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