Album Review: The Wedding Present – Going, Going…

The Wedding Present 'Going, Going...'

Before I start I want to tell you a little about ‘The Wedding Present’ they are an Indie rock group who were formed in Leeds in 1985. Throughout the years they’ve managed to remain consistently present…see what I did there. Sorry about that by the way. The band over the years has had a fairly impressive mix of members the only constant member of the group over the years has been David Gedge. I hate to use the Internet as my only source of information but unfortunately until I can hopefully arrange an Interview with the band I’m forced to use what I have available. According to online sources the band’s name was a joint creation of Gedge and his girlfriend (at the time) they were both into an Australian group called ‘The Birthday Party’ and named their group as a reference to this band.

The group’s current members are David Gedge (singing, guitars), Marcus Kain (guitars), Danielle Wadey (bass, backing vocals) and Charlie Layton (drums) although there have been numerous other members over the band’s career.

Before I started to listen to this new album I dived into the back catalogue to get a feel for their music and I really liked what I heard, it’s good to see that even after all this time they can still really bring it as a group. It’s particularly impressive to me that they’ve lasted this long because my own band lasted as long as four practice sessions before we broke down as a result of “creative differences”

This album is quite big, a whopping twenty tracks and I urge you to experience it yourself so I won’t be going through each track one by one and telling you my thoughts instead I’m going to share my thoughts on a handful of my personal favourites.

‘Greenland’ on the face is the type of experimental track that most would overlook but I bloody loved it, the repetition was funny, the simple drumbeat kept pace and the lyrics made a song. I guess we’re travelling to Greenland; I’ll need to see if I can arrange an interview with the guys from the wedding Present to find out.

‘Marblehead’ starts with a crystal clear and angelic voice which soothes you and carries you in to a mellow and well based drumbeat and backing bass. This is the kind of song you listen to when you want to relax the mind and when you need to chill out. I can attest to that I listened to it crashing out in a sleeping bag after a long hike. It’s not complex and it doesn’t really need to be.

‘Sprague’ also started off light, a lot of emotion in energy played on those keys and strings, creating a beautiful and harmonic melody. It occurs to me that the track is perfect for a music video. You could really do a lot with it in the two minutes and thirty four seconds it provides.

‘Secretary’ is another funny and energy filled song, too many bands are afraid of seeming a bit silly obviously the Wedding present aren’t included in that. And what’s better is that the song is really good. ‘

Fordland’ started off with a really great drum intro and it just played really nice, all in all the song reminded me of classic 90’s/early 2000’s indie rock.

‘Broken bow’ kicked it back up again, much faster and heavier, more anger in this song, more passion. I really vibed on this song.

‘Two Bridges’ is nothing like the previous song, it kicks this up a gear with a little energy and its real, not overproduced and not too raw either, just a well put together song.

‘Birdsnest’ lets me know they’ve got a great drummer and that the band likes telling stories with their songs, as a storyteller that’s something I can appreciate and I enjoyed this song immensely. It flows well and the back and forth between the singers works really well.

So those are my thoughts on just a few of the songs on ‘The Wedding Presents new album. I recommend that you get the album and listen to it yourself because it’s a nice little journey you go on with the band, to places like ‘Greenland’ and ‘Wales’ and that my friends is a terrible joke that you’ll get when you listen to the album. But wherever you’re going, going in life I recommend you listen to ‘The Wedding Present’ because they’re a strong band that even after all this time can still put out an album worth hearing. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter so what’s going on with them.


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