Game Review: Fable

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Fable was an action adventure role playing game released in 2004. I really struggled to remember a lot about this game initially. It wasn’t that it was bad game but Fable 2 was just so much better. And I guess that’s the best place to start. First things first Danny Elfman wrote the opening title theme and hearing that and knowing that sets you up for a brilliant game. Although some of those expectations might have been misplaced Simpsons nostalgia.

One of the biggest complaints about this game and the reason why I prefer Fable 2 (not counting the better story and the fact Fable 2 has a dog) is that it doesn’t include several features that were meant to be included.

I like this game because I get to use the word quest. So many games especially ones I’ve reviewed lately are obsessed with calling them missions which I suppose fits the gritty realistic world they’re set in but the nerd in me has always been partial to a quest. As with many games your aim is to complete the main quests and side quests by collecting items and battling enemies. In Fable you are known as The hero of Oakvale and you receive the majority of your quests from the Heroes Guild (god that sounds cool. A whole guild just for heroes. That might read as sarcastic and it is but if I’m being honest that is super cool)

The second game did this a little better, building on the aspect and improving it but in this game you can choose whether to be good or bad very few games honestly give you a chance to pick spin your moral compass and I appreciate the option. I’m playing role playing games to escape and live an idealised version of myself and if there aren’t choices then what does it matter?

Another fun element which goes along with being able to help either good or bad people is the ability to place bets on your exploits. I like being able to bet on myself because then it’s my fault if I fail (self depreciation at its best)

Your actions also affect your appearance good actions will make you look more angelic and bad actions will make you look demonic. And clothing will change how perceive you. So it’s important to find a balance to ensure that people don’t shun you because you ate a crispy chick or wore a cloak that was too dark.

The combat in the game is achieved either through melee (swords and axes etc) ranged weaponry (such as crossbows) and magic (to protect yourself or cause harm to the enemies) and as you kill enemies and complete quests you will gain experience which can be used to upgrade one of three stats (physique, health and toughness)

Complaints can be made that it takes a while for things to heat up in terms of story and that the main story quest is quite brief but that doesn’t take away from the overall fun of the game. And the side quests add a lot to the game. As well as that the open endedness and choices you can make add a lot to the game.


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