EP Review: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions

Black Cat Bone Promo Artwork

First off I’ll introduce the group Black Cat Bone are a bluesy Rock and Roll group from Edinburgh made up of Ross Craig on vocals and Harmonica, Luis Del Castillo on Guitar, Jonny Voodoo on Bass and Drums, Kai Wallace on Drums and Charlie Wild on Guitar.

I’ve been given an opportunity ahead of its release on 15th December 2017 (that’s actually my birthday) to listen to their new EP ‘Get Your Kicks Sessions’ and I was really excited because while I’ve not had a chance to see this group personally I’ve heard good things. So with that let’s get on with the review.

‘Morning Light’ has a tight percussive intro that leads into some amazing vocals that doesn’t sounds too rough but are the product of a voice that can fill a room. I was listening to this while walking about in the pouring rain and honestly it’s perfect atmospheric music it’s bouncy and lovely and rich in a very bluesy style. I could listen to this a hundred times and not get sick of it. I particularly liked the parts where they harmonise and gives the track that little extra punch or should that be kick? Also as a fan of harmonicas I just loved this. It was definitely a strong opener for me and made me excited to hear the rest of the EP.

‘Love My Baby’ opens with a sweet guitar riff that bleeds into some drums and gets you raring to go right off the bat and it delivers. Building nicely, with a consistent drum beat acting as an undertone to Ross Craig’s voice. Again I can’t help but admire his style it seems less like an homage to blues singers and more like he was plucked right out of New Orleans and dropped into Edinburgh. It’s rare I get so hyped about an EP but I really can’t wait for whoever reads this to have a listen because I can already tell how good it is. I think this is my personal favourite from the EP and I can’t quite place why but something about the way the track flows.

‘Hipshake’ so I wasn’t sure what to expect with a name like that but it was another beast of a track, heavy on the harmonica just the way I like it. I think what I really like about these tracks is that they can seem complex instrumentally but not over packed and they balance out everything really well you never hear something and think ‘probably didn’t need that’ and this tracks little chorus is really catchy which I like just need to avoid saying ‘do the hipshake babe’ at work tomorrow.

‘Bullet’ I know another really good song called Bullet so I had high hopes for this one and I wasn’t let down. This song is fairly different from the previous tracks on this album but it’s good to change things up and this is certainly a great track, I think this would do really well live. I said before that ‘Love my Baby’ is my favourite on the EP but I think I’ll probably remember this one for longer, it has a simpler instrumental section so you focus more on what’s being said and just kinda get swept away by the track.

‘Get Your Kicks’ is the longest track on the EP by far and it’s the title track so it could either be really good or really bad. I happen to think it’s great but I’ll let you all decide for yourself. I said earlier that their bluesy sound makes me think of New Orleans this has a far more western style that evokes cowboys…and Also Bon Jovi for some reason. It loses that western vibe a little as the song continues into the song properly but that quality doesn’t dip one bit, I still like the vocals which suit the music well. And again this track uses the harmonica well, it’s a slower one to ease out the EP which I personally like and I think it’s definitely one of the stronger tracks on Black Cat Bone’s new EP.

So that’s what I think about Black Cat Bone and their new EP ‘Get Your Kicks Sessions’ and so keep an eye out on their Facebook for more details about the release and check out their Bandcamp where you can listen to and buy some of their older stuff.


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