Single Review: BELTUR – Finishing Line

BELTUR Band Photo

BELTUR are a Glasgow based rock band made up of Joe Scott on Vocals, Telecaster and Keyboard, Frank Casey on Bass, Edith Casey on Vocals and Ben O’Reilly on Drums.

‘Finishing Line’s’ opening chords were haunting and even though sitting on a bus from work isn’t the best place to listen I was captivated. The lead singer is also incredible his voice merges with the guitar to create something that’s truly impressive and he’s backed up well by another vocalist. The song changes up tempo a bit, a lot more passion and energy and things get a little bit heavier but the lead singer’s voice acts as the perfect balance, not dragging the song down or slowing it in any way but just providing a nice counterpoint. I’ll be honest I listened to this about ten times before I actually started to write the review and each time I was impressed by this track and I’m just sad that it’s taken till now got me to hear from a band or this calibre bit that’s my fault. I especially like the tail end of the song that just powers through a tight instrumental section before finishing.

So there we have it, that’s what I thought about BELTUR and their new track ‘Fishing Line’ and you can check them out on Facebook to find out more and maybe even have a cheeky wee listen to the track yourself.


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