Single Review: Savage Cut – Split Singles

Savage Cut Single Artwork

Savage Cut are a four piece outfit from West Lothian, in Scotland. They are classified as Post Punk on Facebook, but they appear to do a little bit of everything. Case in point, this is the second time I’ve reviewed the band, and if you’re interested in reading my first review then click here. Both times I’ve checked out the group, I’ve had a substantially different musical experience, although both were decidedly good experiences. Savage Cut are made up of Gaz Davis on Guitar, Brian Kiernan on Guitar, John Innes on Bass and Liam Innes on Drums. I’m also hoping to get an Interview with them so keep an eye out for that as well.

‘The Hopetoun Quarry Murders’ Before I talk about this track I was to mention the back story I was given along with it. The Hopetoun Quarry Murders is an interpretation of a song by Edinburgh based songwriter Gillian Bowman. The song is about the murder by Patrick Higgins of his two sons at a West Lothian quarry pit at the start of the 20th century. The case was sad and gruesome, and was the first case to be solved using what are considered to be modern forensic methods. The music is by Savage Cut and the vocal performance is by George Thom. Anyway on with the actual review, ‘The Hopetoun Quarry Murders’ opens with a reverberant chord that gives way two George Thom, who’s Scottish accent works phenomenally with both the story he’s telling and the music itself, they all blend together to create something that’s slow and slightly disconcerting but enjoyable to listen to nonetheless. I think if you do listen to this track, do it more than once, it’s straightforward but I think you can really appreciate it with repeated listening. About three minutes in the guitars change up a little become more fast paced and epic, building with the drums until Thom explodes through the last bit of the track, he’s not quite shouting but he’s giving it his all, in a way that’s not quite aggressive but does make you take notice.

‘Edo’ has me once again starting off with some background before I actually get to my thoughts. It is sung in Greek with Mike Pougounas of Greek band New Zero God,who they’ve previously collaborated with. The lyrics concern the plight facing Greek people in particular who are being forced to leave their country and those they love to find work to support their families. Now Edo is very different from the previous track, whereas the first one had been slow and heavy, this one is far more you’re normal rock track, and that’s before we get into the fact that this one is performed in Greek. It’s more fast paced as well, opening with a nice percussion section, backed up with a riff that gets things off to a good start. Now I don’t speak Greek so i can’t comment to much on that but I can say that Mike Pougounas is a talented vocalist and his voice fits this track like a glove, and it all comes together really well. Especially when contrasted by ‘The Hopetoun Quarry Murders’ this track does really well, it’s certainly a rock song but not too stereotypical or generic, you can get a clear impression of style and substance that Savage Cut do really well.

So that’s what I thought about Savage Cut’s split singles ‘The Hopetoun Quarry Murders’ and ‘Edo’ and if you can check those out for yourself by heading on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, make sure and support the artist by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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