Album Review: Starbomb – Player Select

Starbomb 'Player Select' Album Artwork

So this is my second Starbomb album review, you can check out the first review by clicking here. You can also check out my reviews of the Ninja Sex Party Discography by clicking here, here, here, here, here and here. Just in case you were wondering, Ninja Sex Party is another musical project from two members of Starbomb, that’s why I’ve linked them above. Anyway now that I’ve successfully cross-linked the entire NSP and Starbomb Discography to date, it’s about time I introduced you to the band. Starbomb, are an American comedy/music group that was official formed in 2013 (Although Arin Hanson one of it’s members stated that the band had actually been formed “way before” but didn’t specify exactly when) and is made up of animator, voice actor and Internet personality Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor), musician and internet personality Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang) and musician, theoretical Physicist and internet personality Brian Wecht (also known as Ninja Brian).the Starbomb trio also work together on the Youtube lets play series Game Grumps (of which Arin Hanson is owner and co-founder) and you can and should check that out via this link here. Also make sure and keep your eyes peeled because I plan to review their upcoming album ‘The TryForce’ which is scheduled for a March 2019 release. Anyway, on with the actual review.

‘Intro’ Has Arin continue the song he started singing in the outro of the previous album, connecting them both up nicely. Danny even tells him he nails it. All the introductions have a similar quality to them, and they do a far more proper and formal intro than any other album I can think of, and this song revisits the fantasy elements from Ninja Sex Party, as well as again reiterating the fair use laws that allow them to talk about copyrighted characters and materials like they did in the last album’s intro. The entire intro is backed up by a calming little piano melody.

‘Smash!’ references the video game franchise ‘Super Smash Bros’ and has Arin take on several voices such as Pikachu, Fox and Mario, while Danny Voices Luigi and also sings backup during the chorus. Internet personality Markiplier also has a cameo as the announcer. The song as I mentioned takes inspiration from the Super Smash Bros games which involve a lot of fighting. In the song the characters are transported to a violent world and asked to fight, Luigi is initially hesitant but after being soaked in blood and blasted by Samus (Emily Hughes reprises her role) he goes crazy and kicks ass until only he and Mario are left standing, he tries to apologise only for Mario to say ‘Bite Me’. The theme of this reminded me of ‘Crasher-vania’ but that’s where the similarities end. This song has Danny singing the chorus and of course he does an awesome job. All in all I think this is a strong opening track.

‘Robots in Need of Disguise’ references the Transformers franchise and has Arin voicing the Narrator and the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, and Danny voices the other Autobots, as well as as Starscream (a member of the Decepticons) and a transformers fan. Far more fast paced and heavy than the previous track, Dan’s voice is a good choice for the backing vocals, although it does mean he’s technically harmonising with himself at times. This track flows really well and despite being a quick rap it doesn’t feel like it’s ever rushing. The funniest part of the song is the section where Danny talks as the fan.

‘The Hero of Rhyme’ makes reference to The Legend of Zelda video game franchise and is a follow up to ‘Its Dangerous to go Alone’ a track from the first Starbomb album. Danny and Arin reprise their roles as the old man and Link respectively, Danny also voices Navi as well. This song has Link return to Hyrule after the events of the last song and rather than defeat the villain Ganon with sword and shield he decides to go with spitting some mad Rhymes or as he describes it ‘Beats and Jams’. As Link raps through the verses, with Navi shouting at him to do something, the village ends up being overtaken. He continues to rap undeterred, faces off against Ganon who ends up killing the green tunic wearing beat master and Navi looks on. Like the previous Link track this one also has a sweet and funky little tune, it goes really well with Arin’s voice, and he goes from rapping to the other style really well. Danny provides back up again as well as voicing characters and they play off each other really well. Arin rapping during the section before Ganon kills him is probably the best part of the track.

‘Toad Joins the Band’ references Super Mario and is the second track on this album to be connected to Mario. It does open with Dan and Arin, voicing Mario and Luigi with the awful attempts at Italian accents and everything but if you can ignore the whole ‘it’s me…a mario’ thing this song is another good entry to the album. This track is particularly funny to fans of Game Grumps because anyone who’s heard Arin do his Toad voice on a let’s play video for the channel knew what horror was about to happen when he was about to sing. I’ll be honest this song did make me laugh, especially when Mario and Luigi take an aside to talk about Toad’s singing voice. They even reference the previous Mario song on the first album ‘Luigi’s Ballad’ right at the end.

‘The New Pokerap’ makes reference to the popular Pokemon franchise and is a sequel to ‘I choose you to die’ from the first album. In the song Arin takes on the role of Brock while Danny plays Ash Ketchem. This song makes light of the introduction of new Pokemon to the original line-up of 151. The song follows Ash getting out of hospital after injuries sustained during the previous song, he with Brock’s help tries to get acquainted with all the new Pokemon that are out, Brock leads him through a fast paced rap listing them all but after a few familiar names he just starts listing silly or stupid sounding names, rather than deal with this craziness Ash shoots himself in the balls so he can go back to hospital. I like the beat of this track really well, this track is short but they don’t waste any time, throwing up a smooth rap that’s funny and shows the best of both the voices on the Starbomb album.

‘Glass Joe’s Title Fight’ references the Punch-Out!! Series of video games. This is another one that’s alot funnier if you watch Game Grumps because fans will all have seen the Journey Danny went on to beat the Punch Out games, the ordeal that he went through. Another really fast track that proves once and for all that Starbomb is the master of video game raps. I like Danny’s singing breakdowns on this track as well. This track has Glass Joe one of the first characters you fight in the game prepare for his title fight and obviously get his ass handed to him.

‘Mortal Kombat High’ talks about the Mortal Kombat video games. This track is a sequel to ‘Rap Battle: Ryu vs. Ken’ from the first album. Voicing Ken is Danny and Voicing Johnny Cage and Scorpion is Arin. Danny plays sweet characters really well, I really believed he liked wearing red and making friends. This track has Ken trying to fit in and the violent and dangerous Mortal Kombat high school. The rap breakdown at the end with puns based on Mortal Kombat fatalities was the best and pushed this track up to one of the best on the album.

‘Inky’s Lament’ is a Pac-Man based track. Tells a slightly different story of the relationship between Pacman and the Ghosts, we see things from their side of the argument where he isn’t a hero, rather he’s a dictator. I liked this song alot, my only complaint is that it reminded me of pixels, the Adam Sandler flop. I liked the melodic chanting of the waka waka noise that Pacman typically makes.

‘God of No More’ is based on the God of War video game series. I don’t really know anything about God of War but I know enough about music to appreciate this song, I loved the growling almost screamo delivery of Kratos’s lines and the surprisingly entertaining delivery of the God of War story, obviously with some humorous additions.

‘Atari Mystery Hour’ references the Atari video game company. I liked this little interlude it talks about one of the pong paddles being killed by the other, it makes good use of sound effects and is just a really entertaining break between songs. I could easily see this being a fully animated sketch.

‘Minecraft Is for Everyone’ talks about the Minecraft video game franchise. This song has a special guest, the actual creator of Minecraft, Markus “Notch” Persson he voices himself on the track, whereas Arin voices a creeper and Danny a Minecraft player. A little background before I mention the narrative of the song, in the game Creepers are basic enemies who explode when in close proximity to the player, this can kill the player and if you are close to buildings etc, can cause property damage which causes time and effort to fix. In the song the player is trying to help the Creeper to change their ways, things don’t get off to the best start, the Creeper does a lot of swearing which the player attempts to cover up. Things start to go well until Notch shows up, the Creeper gets rid of him and shortly afterwards the Creeper explodes killing himself and the player. Hands down the best line in the song “Hey guys! Do you need help writing lyrics? No! You don’t know anything about Minecraft music…But… but I’m Notch. More like Notch-Yo-Song. Oh sugar snap peas, I went there!”

‘The Simple Plot of Metal Gear Solid’ makes reference to the Metal Gear video game series, it’s also a sequel to a track from the first Starbomb album ‘The Simple Plot of Final Fantasy 7’ we get to hear a little from centipede and the chef from Burger Time and way too much from Snake from Metal Gear. I liked the Final Fantasy track as well and so this was a welcome call back. Its another fast paced rap that closes the album off really well. They also potential tease a third song in the series by having Sora from Kingdom Hearts come in at the end.

‘Outro’ is the end of the second Starbomb album and it continues the trend established in the precious album of Arin starting an inane rap only to be interrupted by Danny because they are out of time. They do promise to come out with a third album which will complete the ‘Triforce’ and they even give us a fart sound effect to roll out on…staying classy till the end guys.

So that’s what I think about Starbomb’s second album ‘Player Select’ and if you want to get your own copy then you can buy it here on Itunes and if you want to keep up with the latest from Starbomb then check them out on Facebook, Twitter and on their personal website. Also if you want to see the music videos for the various Starbomb tracks as well as behind the scenes stuff then check out their YouTube channel.


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