Album Review: Ninja Sex Party – Strawberries and Cream

Ninja Sex Party 'Strawberries and Cream' Album Artwork

I’ve reviewed Ninja Sex Party or NSP before, and you can check that out here, and if you like it then maybe check out my reviews of the rest of their Discography, which you can do by clicking here, here, here and here. While you’re at it check out my reviews of the two Starbomb albums as well, which you can do by clicking here and here. Okay now that I’ve successfully cross-linked the entire NSP Discography to date let me tell you about the band themselves, Ninja Sex Party are a comedy musical duo from America who write and perform songs about sex and fantasy, it’s made up of Dan Avidan who sings and also thrusts his hips and Brian Wecht who plays the keyboard and just kinda stares menacingly. But anyway on with the review.

‘Intro (Strawberries)’ starts off with a smooth funky beat, that I can only describe as a sex tune from the 80’s. We have Danny again introducing himself and welcoming us to his top secret Sexatorium. Another intro that’s all about sex and bragging and again it does a fantastic job of introducing the album and the characters.

‘Best Friends Forever!’ I love the fast paced energy of this track, it keeps pace excellently and shows all the NSP hallmarks, fantasy and showing off. It’s all about parties and the death of all of Danny’s closest friends. In fact I think he says that 15,000 people die during the song but he and Ninja Brian are still best friends forever. The song ends with Ninja Brian stabbing Danny, like friends do.

‘Unicorn Wizard’ a slower song to start off before it builds epically, we meet Danny who for this song is a ‘Unicorn Wizard’ who uses magic to fight crime and he also has soup cause he’s thirsty but also hungry. He still manages to get a dig in about Brian around the minute mark, no wonder he’s homicidal, his best friend almost exclusively insults him through song. Again I have to say that Danny’s voice is good, especially for these songs, he’s not the greatest singer in the world but his range and style are perfect for these types of songs. This track ends with Danny telling his mom about his dream, of being The Unicorn Wizard and she tells him to shut up, which is about as real as it gets, and shows that while they might dream big he and Ninja Brian are ordinary and sexy guys.

‘Let’s Get This Terrible Party Started’ open to an electronic beat and Danny telling us about a party foretold in ancient scrolls, the NSP Party. And how it’s so awesome. Of course things are never how they imagine it, the party gets off to a slow start which the invitees just playing Dungeons and Dragons. They even have a dance party and the only guy dancing is naked, so with the party being a fail Danny commands Ninja Brian explode the party with his mind.

‘Next To You’ is Danny telling a lovely lady friend that he’s loved her for years and also likes to masturbate thinking about her. It’s a relationship adjacent to the friend zone, we assume she’s not interested even though he’s made his feelings clear, so he just takes care of his penis needs but will also help her move as well. He tells her that it’s not weird because every relationship he’s had has been the same. And we know from ‘Object of Desire’ on the first album that he also violates all his roommate’s possessions so Danny is a lovely supportive friend but don’t have him around if you don’t want you and your things to be constantly sexed up.

‘Symphony in P Minor’ This track is a bit like ‘Puppies in Space’ from the last album in that it’s just a brief interlude between other songs. It has a tight piano intro that’s very classy, then gets very silly and campy right at the moment the only lines of the 14 second track are spoken and Danny says ‘Put my Penis in your face’ I for one happen to like these little inbetween bits they are like palate cleansers for the ears, which are filthy after the non stop sex odyssey that the first few tracks have been.

‘The Sacred Chalice Part 1’ opens with some nice percussion before Danny comes in singing about the legend of the Sacred Chalice mentioned in the title, which will quote ‘Make you Crazy Awesome’ and so to find the chalice he and Ninja Brian gather up a team of fierce warriors namely a ‘Robot and an elf and a hooker’ although he later claims there was no hooker and instead it was just another robot. They also get bagels cause it’s gonna be a long trip and follow the north star on their awesome adventure. This track is just good to listen to, like a lot of their songs it blends music and comedy well and tells a particular story through its verse and it’s just good to listen to and enjoy. The song also teases a part two that never arrives, at least not yet although maybe they’ll finish the adventure in their new project due out in October 2017 or their future album which doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet.

‘Everybody Shut Up (I Have An Erection)’ I think this title says it all, what it doesn’t say is that it’s a bloody good song that’s annoying catchy, but not something you should be singing out loud to yourself on the bus for example, not unless you want a lot of dirty stares. Danny opens with him doing an impression of a Valley girl who’s went on a date before he busts through a wall and announces that he has an erection and everyone needs to be quiet and admire it. There’s also a section where he busts into a courtroom where someone has just been accused of murder but obviously his ‘Pillar of awesome’ is more important. This song in particular did get me to laugh usually these songs are funny but not laugh out loud funny, this one is an exception. Danny ends the song announcing to a President who was about to announce war that we all need to look at his ‘glorious rod’, and then he’s gunned down by the secret service.

‘FYI I Wanna F Your A’ opens with another groovy beat and like the previous song it’s funny and catchy, and really shows what they can do. The song uses a lot of euphemism and abbreviations for sexual acts, it’s like text speak got freaky. It’s amazing how many sexual suggestions they can cram into 2 minutes and it’s just funny at the end of the day. It ends with him getting an audience to join in as he say the title.

‘Shredded Metal’ sounds like an awesome title and is really funny, it’s one of the rare songs where Ninja Brian gets to have some fun and isn’t just murdering or being insulted. Ninja Brian is supposed to be playing an epic metal song they’ve been working on for three and a half years but seems more determined to play a loopy reggae jam and tbh I’m not sure which I liked best. I do know I liked this song. More comedy that song compared to the rest of the tracks on this album but still good to listen to especially if you like the same loopy reggae jam a bunch.

‘Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma’ has Danny reciting the tale of the time that he and Ninja Brian took care of some super monsters that were threatening the earth. I don’t know why Brian didn’t just explode them with his mind. They really know how to blend silliness with song to great effect. For this track Danny is doing a really gravelly voice which adds to the entire track especially since he’s naturally quite a high voice.

‘The Ultimate Sandwich’ opens with a rocky beat, lots of guitars and synth, before Danny starts to describe the giant 5ft sandwich that nobody has eaten and survived. To be honest I haven’t had my dinner yet and this track just made me hungry. But this song and the entire ‘Strawberries and Cream’ album are a delicious treat for the senses that’s well worth a listen. Also Danny ends up cleaved in half at the end of the track.

‘Outro (Cream)’ has the groovy sex beat from the introduction comes back and Danny in his soft voice talks to us again while he apparently has sex and says goodbye to us and hopes that we the audience enjoyed listening to the album as much as they enjoyed making it.

And that’s what I think about the second album ‘Strawberries and Cream’ by the band Ninja Sex party and if you want to get your own copy then you can buy it here on Bandcamp and if you want to keep up with the latest from NSP then check them out on Facebook, Twitter and on their personal website. Also if you want to see the music videos for the various NSP tracks as well as behind the scenes stuff then check out their YouTube channel.


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