Album Review: Ninja Sex Party – Attitude City

Ninja Sex Party 'Attitude City' Album Artwork

This is my third time reviewing NSP or Ninja Sex Party, you can check out my two previous reviews by clicking here and here. If you like those then maybe check out my reviews of the rest of their Discography, which you can do by clicking here, here and here. While you’re at it check out my reviews of the two Starbomb albums as well, which you can do by clicking here and here. Okay now that I’ve successfully cross-linked the entire NSP Discography to date let me tell you about the band themselves, Ninja Sex Party or NSP are a comedy musical duo from America who focus on producing entertaining and often sexual songs. The duo is composed of Dan Avidan (Danny Sexbang) who is a 6 ft 2 Jewish man whose persona is of a sex obsessed fantasist and Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian) whose persona is of a serious and nonspeaking man in a ninja costume who is at least mildly homicidal. Now that I’ve given them a nice, warm introduction I can get on with the review of this album.

‘Intro’ opens on another sultry intro that reveals us to ‘Attitude City’ Danny reveals that this album is white hot sex and listening to it requires you to get in bed and get busy. It’s a satisfactory introduction much like the intros for the previous two albums.

‘Road Trip’ This track tells a story of a road trip and all the sex and crazy hijinks they both, but especially Danny get up to on a sexy road trip across America. Its fast paced and has a nice rhythm, it’s lyrically quite well built up like Alphabet Aerobics, where everything is sequential and complicated to say.

‘Attitude City’ the title track of the album that opens with a powerful guitar intro, it talks about the dangerous ‘Attitude City’ where everyone has a degree in ‘Keeping it real’ as good a place as a road trip to end as any. Danny runs a mile in 47 minutes flat, a surprisingly realistic goal for a change, he didn’t even fight a killer robot, I guess in attitude city you don’t need to show off, the city does it for you. Ninja Brian breaks out a sweet flute solo and Danny sings in a way that makes him sound like a minstrel at a renaissance fair.

‘Why I Cry’ Starts off with Danny’s voice melodically harmonising with himself as he talks about how he’s a nice guy, he even got you roses and a creme brulee. The song though is about how he’ll cry after sex, and if that doesn’t describe a winner then I don’t know what does. Like many of their tracks it’s funny but the actually song itself is nice to listen to, you could appreciate these tracks both for their actual content and also the melody which I think is a strong selling point. Danny did

‘Dubstep’ This track is a short interlude type where in an effort to appeal to the kids who are all listening to Dubstep they do their own version, actually just a cheery number followed by Danny saying Dubstep at the end.

‘Dragon Slayer’ one of the best NSP songs ever, epic musical score cut with Danny being his usual self and telling some sweet young lady about his latest exploits. Its big and bouncy and has Danny trying to impress the lady who has a lot of other potential suitors at the party so he goes around the room topping them, sure one guy is a footballer but he won the super bowl and another is a scientist but he cured all diseases last week….huh he must have just not told anyone about it. But to top all of that he also killed a bloody dragon. And the dragon certainly isn’t just some guy in a costume that’d be crazy. There’s a sweet section where we actually hear from the Dragon who confirms Danny totally killed him. Danny finished by inviting her to his space mansion. In the end she picks the football player, and the scientist, and the weightlifter, and the dragon, and ninja Brian and the Manticore (who you’ll know from an earlier album) but sadly not Danny, I guess she’s an animal lover.

‘Party of Three’ starts with some classic vocals from Danny, I’m again impressed by his voice which suits these funny, catchy little songs. The chorus of this song is good, the vocals again are really good and it just sticks in your mind, I’m terrible for remembering names and lyrics and I still remember this one quite well. It’s a good little song that makes good use of their sex banter and euphemisms.

‘Buttsex Goldilocks’ This is one of the few tracks I’d never heard prior to doing the review and it’s quite short but nonetheless it’s fun and is another classic NSP interlude track. This track has a real nice electronic backing instrumental, where Danny is talking/singing about Buttsex, when he’s interrupted by a Doctor asking whether NSP have finished their track for sick children in hospital, he tells him not to rush genius and then says that the song might not be right but because it’s too awesome.

‘Samurai Abstinence Patrol’ with a name like that this song has to be good, and how will Danny the oversexed man child react to Samurai who disagree with his whole have sex with everything philosophy. As it turns out he doesn’t stand for it and prepares to do battle or at least have a spelling bee. The song is another of the really fast paced variety but it’s still great to listen to, and you still get a clear story from the man in the blue spandex. We also learn that Danny can’t spell.

‘Peppermint Creams’ has Danny telling a princess about his adventures, it’s scored with a medieval kinda theme but with an electronic spin on it as he talks to the princess and talks about her peppermint creams…read boobies…which he’s apparently desperate to see.

‘Cookies!’ I wasn’t sure what to expect, if peppermint creams from the last track mean boobies, what could cookies be code for? I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. But as it turns out the song is about Danny trying to write the most epic metal song. And he does a really good job right up until he breaks down about how much he likes cookies, he claws it back screaming about seeing demons but loses it again with an overly sweet song about cookies again. He also name checks Megadeth.

‘6969’ now we haven’t had any 69 action since ‘Object of Desire’ so I was expecting something about that naughty act, but as it turns out the title is a reference to the date, this song has Danny and Ninja Brian travelling through space and time to the sexiest planet at the sexiest time. This song is awesome. It balances up the two styles Danny goes to, fast paced and epic and slow and melodic and balances them both really well, and he does it will talking about dick elders and saving the world of the future from a sexless life. The song also has a special guest singer in Steel Panther singer Michael Starr. Danny has sex with a young lady and causes an enormous orgy that undermines the totalitarian dick elders and saves society from going without boning. It might also be NSP’s longest track to date but it’s also one of their best.

‘Outro’ sees us out, we’re leaving ‘Attitude City’ and I’m sad to see it go after all the sex and craziness. As usually it’s connected directly to the narrative established in the intro, and he thanks us again for being fans, he even gets really close to thank us with “Maximum sincerity”.

There we go my thoughts on the third album ‘Attitude City’ by the band Ninja Sex party and if you want to get your own copy then you can buy it here on Bandcamp and if you want to keep up with the latest from NSP then check them out on Facebook, Twitter and on their personal website. Also if you want to see the music videos for the various NSP tracks as well as behind the scenes stuff then check out their YouTube channel.


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