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Interview with Daniel Korican (STVGP)

So I was lucky enough to get an interview with the maker of the Star Trek Voyager Game Project and if you want to check out what he’s doing then have a look at the STVGP Facebook page.

So now that I’ve introduced you to the project check out the interview below:

Okay first off tell me a little about yourself?
I’m an engineer and 3D Artist and i studied computer science. I’ve always liked technology and have been a Star Trek fan since i was a kid. I’ve been interested into computers, consoles and games since i got my first computer which was a Commodore C16.

What made you want to start this project?
I started this Project 4 years ago because of the lack of good Star Trek games. I really liked playing games like Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Trek Armada and Star Trek Elite Force. I think the golden era of Star Trek games or space games in general was from 1992 – 2005 and since then space games have got worse and worse. So I wanted to make my own game.

Why pick Voyager rather than one of the other star trek ships/shows?
I picked Voyager because i really liked the show it was great and i loved playing Elite Force which was also based on Voyager.

How long have you been working on the project?
I’ve been working on this project for about 4 years now.

What aspect of it are you most proud of?
Well I really like making this game. I’ve put a lot of work into every single piece of it to make it great. So I’m proud of all of it.

What has been the most challenging aspect of the project?
The most challenging part is to keep going on. I’ve been working on this project alone and spending 5-8 hours per day on it on top of my regular job but i’m focused and i have a strong will so I’ll  keep going on and finish the game one day.

If this takes off once it’s released do you have plans for making anything else?
I don’t know what I’ll make after this game gets released. First I want to finish this one and then I’ll think about other projects.

Speaking of its official release do you have any ideas when that might be and what you might charge.
I’m trying to finish this game before 2020. Before I can release it I have to get a license from CBS or find a publisher who will deal with the license issue for me.

So tell me more about the game itself, what can you do?
The game will have 3 modes which are a single player mode with a great story, a multiplayer mode and an exploration mode where you can just explore the ship. I’m rebuilding the complete starship voyager with completely new rooms, new decks and everything will be fully functional. You will be able to explore the ship, fly shuttles and explore a planet.

Rate for me the star trek shows from best to worst?
Honestly I like all the Star Trek shows and movies equally. I watching them over and over again. So I really can’t rate them. They’re all great.

Are you crowdfunding for the project and if so provide a link?
You can find me on Patreon.

And lastly what is it about Star Trek do you think that inspired such passion in its fans?
Well that’s difficult but in short i think Star Trek represents the best possible future full of interesting technology and people always trying to make space a better place.


“live long and prosper”


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