Happy Birthday, Harry Potter.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter

“The lighted dial of Dudley’s watch, which was dangling over the edge of the sofa on his fat wrist, told him he’d be eleven in ten minutes time. He lay and watched his birthday tick nearer, wondering if the Dursleys would remember at all, wondering where the letter-writer was now”

July 31st is a very important date for Harry Potter fans, first off because it’s the birthday of the titular character but it also happens to be the birthday of  the genius who created the series as well.

This entire month is dotted with important anniversary type events for the series, on the 21st it was the ten year anniversary of the last book in the series, The Death Hallows being published. And speaking of birthdays the character of Harry Potter isn’t the only one who’s a year older, on the 23rd of this month the actor that played Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe also had a birthday, he turned 28 this year, still along ways away from the same as his character in the movie, who as of July 31st 2017 is 37 years old and is probably closer to a mid life crisis, he might even get himself a motorbike like his godfather.

So yeah it’s been a big month for the series as a whole and with new books on the horizon and an entire franchise of new movies based in the same universe there’s still plenty of big events in Harry Potter’s future.

Anyway why I wrote this little piece was to put in words how I feel about Harry Potter, I’ll admit that since the last book and the last movie ended my passion died down because for me it was over, yeah the books and movies are still there to enjoy and I do from time to time but I’m not as obsessed with it as I was as a kid when I was inking a scar onto my head with a Biro and talking in parseltongue…I was not popular.

But while I’m not always vocal about it I can’t deny how profound an impact the series had on me, they taught me to be a better person, they gave me a love of reading and writing and in essence shaped who I’d become. I’m not sure what type of person I’d be without the books and movies, and while I’m not always super happy with who I am, although then again who is? I still appreciate what it helped me to become.

Basically when I was a kid I didn’t’ have an easy time of it, family issues, bullying and I wasn’t confident as a person, and Harry Potter helped me through it and helped me to grow and gave me comfort when I needed it and for that and so much more I need to say Thanks.

I want to say thanks to the books and to the movies, to the actors who portrayed the characters and lastly and most importantly to J.K Rowling herself who brought the whole thing to life.

Thanks. And while my love doesn’t burn as brightly as some it will burn forever. Always.


First Published on: https://offtherecordblog.org

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