Burns Mall Gaming Event

Gaming Event Promo Image

Today was a busy day for Kilmarnock, there was a gaming event taking place at the Burns Mall from 11am till 3pm where there was music, games and activities aplenty.

Right in the middle of the cross in the town centre they’d set up a stage for the various music acts that were set to play throughout the day and when there wasn’t anyone up they had a DJ to play familiar tunes and chat to the public as they milled about. I will say this though, when he was talking the speakers were a bit too loud and tinny but he played good music so I’ll give him a pass.

A disused store was converted into a gaming space for the event, they had a few TV’s with a range of consoles plugged in so the public could play a variety of games from Tekken to Crash Bandicoot to Rock Band. In the same space they also had Arcade machines where you could play old classics like Pacman and Donkey Kong. Finally tucked away in a little corner was a man selling comic books, as well as posters and other geeky trinkets. While we were checking out the gaming space someone in a dinosaur costume popped in to shake things up. Not many events can claim to have a big dinosaur wandering about. 

There was plenty of live music both on stage and further down the main street. They had a local dance troupe ‘Jam Street’ who performed a very impressive dance set up and down the street, me and my friends caught it about four times before the end of the day and every time it was quite a sight to see. They also had a kids singing group called ‘Take a Bow’ who were dressed in really cute animal costumes and really gave it their all. They sung a variety of songs including some from Aladdin, Avenue Q, Moana and The Proclaimers.

As well as live entertainment they had stalls with loads of prizes up for raffle, a face painting booth and plenty of stalls advertising local organisations such as the Samaritans, East Ayrshire Food bank, Kilmarnock football club and Basement youth cafe. The event first and foremost was for the kids though and they didn’t forget that because they had small play areas dotted about for kids with things like hopscotch, bouncy balls and a basketball hoop.

My only real complaint about the entire day was that there were too many people handing out leaflets but I guess that’s the price you have to pay for events like this, but overall it was an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon.


First Published on: https://offtherecordblog.org

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