TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 2

The Mighty Boosh Season 2

So I did a much more comprehensive introduction to The Mighty Boosh, in my review of the first season of the series, which you can check out here, so I won’t repeat myself too much. But what I will say is that The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy series, which aired on BBC 3, it was created by and is starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. Rounding off the cast are Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown. The Mighty Boosh, blends surreal fantasy and comedy along with musical numbers, in fact the show is noted for popularising a style of music called ‘crimping’, short a cappella type song. Prior to airing on BBC 3, The Mighty Boosh was a radio show.

The Mighty Boosh takes place in its own universe which takes full advantage of the unique special effects, art/animation styles and music to flesh it out. The previous season took place mostly in a zoo, which the main characters worked at called the Zooniverse. The Zooniverse was home to Howard Moon (played by Vince Noir), Vince Noir (played by Noel Fielding), Naboo the Enigma (played by Michael Fielding), Bob Fossil (played by Rich Fulcher) and Bollo (played by Dave Brown) and in this second season they all make the move from the zoo to Dalston (an area of East London), with Howard, Vince, Naboo and Bollo all living and working together in a secondhand shop owned by Naboo called Nabootique. Meanwhile Bob Fossil has moved from badly managing a zoo, to being the owner of a club called The Velvet Onion. Howard and Vince are no longer zookeepers, now they are struggling musician attempting to build a career, while working for Naboo and having various adventures. 

Okay, Let’s move onto the actual review. Remember you can also check out my reviews of season 1 and 3 of The Mighty Boosh by clicking here and here respectively.

Episode 1 (Call of the Yeti)
This episode has the gang going on a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods, and of course Vince is struggling to pick which clothes he’s taking, because the Tudor look might come back in while they’re gone. As usual Howard has decided he’s one thing or another and wants to photograph the elusive Yeti, and of course he gets himself caught. But as usual Vince goes to rescue him before he gets ‘loved up’ by the frisky queen yeti. I always forget about this episode, but honestly on its own its pretty funny, certainly one of the standouts of the second series, I think it makes me laugh every time I watch it particularly the stories of Bollo’s friend Chinquo which were frankly hilarious. This episode also continues the trend of Vince being mistaken for a woman, and I will say this, he would make a very pretty lady. Also Howard really could use some Owl beaks. I think I’ll give this episode a 3/5.

Episode 2 (The Priest and the Beast)
This episode is mostly a story within a story scenario, Vince and Howard can’t find any inspiration for their new tracks, although if I had a mirrorball suit I’d just go to my meeting with the record studio and let the suit do the talking. Anyway with their meeting wit Pie face records looming they turn to Naboo for some ‘potions and lotions’ to capture their muse, he instead tells them the story of of Rudi van Disarzio and Spider Dijon (Also played by Barratt and Fielding) when they went searching for a new sound for their own music. Also for those that  are interested you get to see Naboo topless in this episode as well. Also Bollo drumming reminded me of the Cadbury Advert where the Gorilla drums the tune to Phil Collins, which you can check out
here if you haven’t see it. I still wish I had a door in my head, apparently it’s really easy, all you need to do is have a moment of pure growth, and also exist inside the Boosh Universe. Also best line in the episode “That is not the sound we are looking for, that is pornography with bongos”. I like this episode but it always felt a little like filler to me, and so it doesn’t rank too highly among my favourites, but it’s still good. This episode makes great use of the surrealness of the show and has some really funny moments, but we’re now two episodes in and the second season hasn’t really hit home yet. I think I’ll give this a 2.5/5.

Episode 3 (Nanageddon)
This episode has Vince and Howard break out Naboo’s secret magic books to impress some goth girls (played by the Dee Plume and Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise) because he claimed he was a Warlock. He starts off trying a few low level white magic spells which fail to impress before taking one of Naboo’s dark magic books and summoning the fierce and dangerous demon Nanatoo. She just so happens to look like a little old lady and so the girls leave further unimpressed and Howard and Vince fail to notice she nicked the book. Also point of order, Howard and about every Ned I went to high school with seems to think goths are obsessed with shitting, as a previous poser goth I can tell you they are not. This episode grounds this season and connects it properly to the new setting and for that alone it ranks highly, but it also happens to be a really good episode. It was also on constantly, whenever I’d come home late at night and switch on BBC 3 this episode was literally always playing. Anyway the powerful and evil demon Nanatoo is loose with a book that only makes her more dangerous and Vince and Howard are tasked by Naboo with getting the book back and averting the granny apocalypse, Nanageddon. I think overall I’ll give it a 4/5.

Episode 4 (Fountain of Youth)
This episode reveals that Naboo is in fact an alien from the planet Xooberon that’s weird, although no weirder than him being a shaman i suppose. This episode has one of the best song chunklets in the entire show, ‘Time is calling my name’ It might be a little bit melancholic but i just really love it. Anyway this episode has Howard having an age crisis which seems to be unresolvable until Bollo lets it slip that Naboo has access to the ‘Fountain of Youth’, easily accessible via the desert of nightmares…of course it is. This episode in particular reminds me just how funny a character actor Rich Fulcher is. As usual Howard end up screwed over and Vince ends up on top. Literally this time, because Vince ends up as ‘the chosen one’ while Howard ends up as a slave. This episode has my favourite Noel Fielding character in it ‘The Hitcher’ the green skinned cockney. This episode was legitimately really funny and I liked all the characters. We also meet Sandstorm, whose attitude boils down to not being able to masturbate because he’s made of sandpaper, Vince gives him gloves which solve the problem and earn his loyalty. Also this episode has one of my favourite crimps, the one about soup. This episode ends with Howard and Vince transformed into babies, lets hope they’re back to normal for next week. I rate this episode a 4/5.  

Episode 5 (The Legend of Old Gregg)
This is the episode that instantly comes to mind when I think of The Mighty Boosh, and much like Nanageddon it was always on for some reason. This episode has Howard and Vince leave London to let the stink die down after a really bad gig. They travel to a village called the Black Lake here they meet some colourful characters. This episode continues the trend established in the season 1 episode ‘Fire’ where a character beckoned for everyone to gather round, only for an ordinarily inanimate object to try and gather round only to be told “Not you, [insert object name]”. Personally I think it’s a brilliant sight gag that they were careful not to overuse. This episode introduces the titular Old Gregg, an intersex merman with what he refers to as a downstairs mix-up. He seems to be mad, obsessed with Baileys and watercolours and Howard. He’s desperate for love and unfortunately for Howard he’s decided he wants him. Old Gregg is responsible for the best music number in the entire show, one that I still sing today, ‘Love Games’ it’s upbeat, and weird and funny and in many ways is the epitome of The Mighty Boosh. Anyways to get him to stay Old Gregg shows Howard, The Funk,  a purple basketball sized alien creature whose excretions are known to make people funky and musically talented. He of course steals them and escapes from Old Gregg, although the end scene of Vince and Howard driving the van away with Old Gregg on the roof leaves things unclear. I’ll give this episode a 4/5 as well.

Episode 6 (The Nightmare of Milky Joe)
This is the final episode of the second season, and they really kick the weirdometer into overdrive for this episode. It starts off normal enough of course, something has gone right for the guys, they’re on their way to America to perform on the Pie Face Showcase but as usual things are rarely that simple with the Boosh lads. The take a boat, because Howard is afraid of flying, and Bollo has a bad feeling about this, because of course he did. But surprise, the boat was fine. Instead Howard and Vince are thrown off and Marooned on a tropical island because Vince gave the Captain of the ship a mullet as he slept. After a while on the island they start arguing and after Howard almost ate Vince they go their own ways and build huts, and as expected Howard’s is basically just a board to cover his head, while Vince’s is as luxurious as an island permits. Honestly though they nagging wife chemistry between the two is pure and honest and hilarious, their dynamic really works. Unlike the only other relationships on the island, Howard crafts a man from coconut that he calls ‘Milky Joe’ and that’s when everything starts going to hell. To compete with Howard, Vince makes two female coconut companions, one called Ruby and another called Precious. Vince starts to date Ruby and Howard starts to date Precious, however she eventually becomes abusive and while defending himself Howard accidentally kills precious. He and Vince try to cover it up but are caught and try to escape but are caught by coconut police and tried in court. Its at this point they are woken up by a sailor who tells them they’ve been suffering from coco-loco from eating rancid coconuts. The return home and to their horror watch Milky Joe and the Coconuts on the Pie Face Showcase. This episode was really good and earns a rating of 3.5/5.


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