Farewell to Tackety Bit

The Tackety Bit

Now I wrote this a while back when the pub actually closed but never got a chance to publish it anywhere so now I’m just putting it up here for posterity.

I had the honour of being there for the closing of the Tackety Bit and it was with mixed feelings that I attended the event. At first I was happy to be attending another enjoyable night out at Tackety but I realised that when this night came to a close there wouldn’t be another. But even at the end it didn’t disappoint, they had the lads from The Stumblers in and they raised the roof. My particular highlight was their cover of The Coral – Dreaming of You which had the entire the bar singing along.

Tackety Bit hasn’t been around long especially when it’s next to Fanny By Gaslight which has been around for decades but I feel that Tackety has certainly left its mark on Kilmarnock and I’ll always remember the times that I had there.

it’s been a great supporter of live music in the local community as well as from further afield and has had a whole host of bands such as The Stumblers, Aboriginals, The Monday Club, Losing Ground and Nothing But the Night just to name a few through its doors over the years.

In fact a band who will be featured in The Word on the Street and who are close personal friends of myself had their very first gig there. Ambivist as the band are know did their first live performance together at Tackety Bit on the 22nd April alongside Nothing But the Night and Servant Sun. So I imagine it will feel like a loss to them because In a way they’ll be losing a piece of their history.

As I mentioned the weekend kicked off with The Stumblers who rocked the joint all night playing a mixture of covers and their own brand of Scottish Folk Punk. It’s important to note that as well as being a popular spot for Live Music that Tackety Bit is also a Sports Bar and even on the last night there were a few dedicated fans who were crowded round the big flat screen to watch football while the band played in the corner.

The closing will be an additional blow to Kilmarnock because its yet another change to the pub scene. It was just a week or two earlier that a staple of the community in Kilmarnock Fanny By Gaslight changed ownership and many people are saying that it really is the end of an era or that the times are changing.

In my head Tackety Bit was the Independence pub and not just because it opened up right around the time of the Big Referendum. In many ways Tackety was a bit like Scotland, small but with alot of potential, it’s just a shame that circumstances have cut short what should have been a long history but I can only hope that the boys at the Bit are off to greener pastures and know that we all appreciate them for feeding and watering us the past couple of years and most importantly thanks for all the good times.

I for one will be sad to see the place go even if another venue has popped up to take its place and So I raise one final glass to Tackety and say thanks for the memories.

In closing I would like to say that although it has closed it didn’t remain shut for long, the new owners very quickly opened up the property again under a new name, The Tartan Sheep and it has done well since the closing of Tackety Bit to fill the void and provide the same level of entertainment as it predecessor.

I have a couple of quotes from people who wanted to say something about the closing

“Was a shame, it’s a great pub with lovely staff and I wish Chris and Faither best for the future” – Lilian Anderson

“Its guttin’ to see one of the best pubs in town go under there was never a time I didn’t enjoy going to the pub” – Glen Robertson

“Tackety was a fantastic pub and its a shame to see it go. As it made the perfect atmosphere from the second you walked in” – Victoria Anderson


First Published on: https://offtherecordblog.org

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