TV Review: Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super is the long awaited continuation of the Dragonball franchise. For anyone who is familiar with the storyline, the show takes place in a period of peace after the main characters have eradicated the powerful enemy called Majin Buu.

As a massive fan of the series for most of my life I’d been eagerly awaiting the release of this show since they first announced it. And the wait has been absolute torture because officially the show began on July 5 2015 and by this point we have nearly 80 episodes but they were released for the Japanese marketable are dubbed in the original Japanese. Some might say that if I were a real fan I’d have just watched it anyway but it’s hard to enjoy the story when the characters just don’t sound right, they aren’t the voices I grew up with (the English funimation dub cast) so I was willing you wait for a Engish dub to come along because listening to the original dub just wasn’t an option Goku was voiced by an old lady for god sake.

I still don’t understand why they didn’t try to air it in both languages simultaneously especially considering the popularity of the show in the western language but they didn’t and I don’t want to open a can of worms. What’s important is that as of 7th January 2017 the first episode of the English dub had aired and I want to talk about my thoughts on the first few episodes as well as my thoughts on the show as a whole.

First off and it’s not exactly a complaint but we don’t get anything actually new until the 28th episode until that point the series rehashes the plot of the two newest movies but with considerably more filler and lower production values. I say it’s not a complaint firstly because I’m just so glad the show is back and also because despite knowing what’s going to happen for the most part and having to wait for months for something really new it’s a good story and I don’t mind seeing it again.

I mentioned that the shown has significantly lower production values this has resulted in some very poor quality animation. It’s worse than the animation quality of the its precursor show back in the 80’s and 90’s. Now I wasn’t a fan of the change in animating style for the new movies everything was a little brighter and cleaner but at the cost of losing a little of the shows spirit but this new show so far balances the new animation style which as I said I didn’t care for with poor and lazy frames which are so obviously drawn in that it shatters the illusion and any sense of immersion.

I’ve seen complaints about the filler and to those people I say….have you seen the show before? Dragonball is famous for its filler and it’s part of the reason fans love it. That being said the first few episodes have felt entirely like filler, they’ve done in five episodes what they might have done in one or two without it but I suppose they need to stretch the story a little and pacing is important. The plot so far is largely laid back (a lot like everyone’s favourite Saiyan Goku) but as of the fifth episode things are finally starting to go ahead. I’m so excited because this show promises to so what they only started to do in DBZ which is to focus on and develop Vegeta more as a character plus we get to see him spend some family time together.

Something I can’t make my mind up on that they’ve done a few times now is refer to incidents from the past. In terms of a time line this show takes place a few months after the end of DBZ but for us it’s been years and the animating style has changed a great deal but when they talk about past events we have a little flashback with some crudely cut in footage from DBZ which is just so distractingly different.

Now that I’ve mentioned the obvious issues with the show I can be completely honest and say….I love it. It might waste a little too much time but it’s time we’ll spent because I’m watching the first proper DragonBall in years and unlike the last installment Dragonball GT this was developed and penned directly by the almighty creator Akira Toriyama so we don’t have any about it not being real or not being canon.

I need to make special mention to the opening theme and Intro. The intro sequence captures the heart of the show perfectly and it reminded me so much of the old show while giving us a little hint of what to expect. The theme is amazing. It’s happy, energetic and uplifting which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Dragonball.

I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes, they brighten up my Sundays and reconnect me with my childhood and I can almost feel the kid in me saying Thanks. So despite its faults I look forward to being reintroduced to characters I haven’t really seen in years and now I get to watch a whole new generation of Dragonball unfold before me over the next few months.


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