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Now I haven’t had the chance to make it to Mugstock the past year or two but a lot of my friends have went and despite the mud and the rain they only had good things to say about the festival.

Mugstock 2017 will be taking place between Friday 28th July and Monday 31st July this year and taking a quick look at the weather this year on the dates it seems like between the 28th and the 31st the weather is mostly sunny with a little clouds so hopefully you’ll need sunscreen rather than wellies but take both just in case.

Mugstock tries to keep ticket prices low through year round fundraising and in my opinion it’s fairly reasonable for a full weekend of fun and music.

For a ticket just for Friday it’s £28 (or £14 for teenagers and over 60’s) for Saturday it’s £56 (£28 for Teenagers and over 60s) and for Sunday it’s £36 (£18 for Teenagers and over 60s).

If you want to enjoy the full weekend then the weekend tickets will cost £80 (and £40 for teenagers and over 60’s).

What use is a preview if I don’t tell you something useful so here are a few FAQ’s: 

First off for those who like to take home comforts when they camp you can take caravans, there’s a camp for them about a mile from the main Mugstock area and a helpful little shuttle bus to get you between the two.

If you want to get involved and volunteer then that’s also a possibility. So just go to the mugstock site and contact them directly.

You can also contact mugstock if you are trader and want to share your wears just get in touch before the spaces close up. And there are also several existing shops at Mugstock as well.

Also if you love your dog and can’t bear to be without him for a weekend then as long as he can behave himself dogs can attend and free of charge as well. Although failure to clear up dog mess will have you removed from the event with no refund so take care.

But anyway Mugstock is shaping up to be a great weekend event with plenty of food and drink and some wonderful bands and acts to keep you entertained.


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