Edinburgh Castle concerts Preview

Edinburgh Castle Concerts Promo Photo

So coming this July is another round of Edinburgh Castle Concerts, a series of events that having been taking place at the Castle for the last 16 years and has included appearance from the likes of Rod Stewart, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Olly Murs and Leonard Cohen.

This year the lineup is equally excitement, with Wet Wet Wet taking to the stage on Saturday 15th July 2017. Their debut album ‘Popped In souled Out’ is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year in 2017 so fans can expect them to play a few old classics as well as plenty of songs from their equally popular discography.

Next up on Tuesday 18th July 2017 Olly Murs with be going to the Castle, this will be as part of his UK Summer tour. It might not be his newest track but I hope he sings ‘Dear Darlin’ cause I love that song.

After that we have Deacon Blue who will be taking to the castle’s stage on Saturday 22nd July 2017. Their debut album ‘Raintown’ will also be celebrating is 30th Anniversary this year in 2017 so fans of this Scottish Pop rock band can also expect some old classics to be played as well as some tracks from their much newer album ‘Believers’ which was released in 2016.

Tickets for each of the events are on sale now, having a quick look around I found that for tiered seating the price remained pretty steady at £47.80 per ticket on Ticketmaster, and went up to about £53.45 for floored seating. But that’s still a decent price to pay for a night of fun and music at the castle. Particularly since this year we have not one but two old school Scottish rock groups playing.

I should note that the events are not run by Historic Scotland and as such inquiries should be referred to this info@castle-concerts.co.uk contact email. The Edinburgh Castle Esplanade is an outdoor venue and despite the summer heat this is still Scotland and the weather can change for the cold, wet and windy at the drop of a hat so for your own enjoyment ensure to bring weather appropriate clothes to any of the events.

Finally because of the high seating in the tiered areas, anyone with Vertigo, breathing difficulties or heart complaints to seek seating elsewhere for their own safety and comfort. But with all that in mind do your best to have fun because this year’s Edinburgh Castle Concerts seem set to be an enjoyable few evenings that will have the old castle rocking.

*ticket prices are variable depending upon where you look, these prices are based on Ticketmaster.


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