Wetherspoons ‘Order and Pay’ app Is the way of the future

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Wetherspoons changed the game back in early 2017 by releasing their free ‘Order and Pay’ app, it allows people like me who feel anxious in large crowds or dislike queuing to order without any hassle. Additionally, Wetherspoons is on the cheaper end of the eating out establishments so it’s great for a poor student type like myself, and you can more easily see exactly how much you are spending, and keep track of your order, plus once you’ve signed up with your email it will send you a digital receipt with each order.

No more do you need to crowd round the bar, and order your food, instead you can just take a seat, pick what you want via the app and order, select your table number and they will bring it straight to you. They make it even easier by offering free WiFi so that you can use the app, as well as browse the internet and watch cat videos while your waiting for your order. So just download the app, or open it if you’ve already downloaded it and then order from the comfort of your seat.

I honestly think more restaurants should do this, especially those which double as a pub, because often the bar will have a lot of people standing or sitting at it, making it more difficult to put your order in, so it just cuts down on the awkwardness. As I said above, it’ll be particularly beneficial to people with social anxiety as it makes the whole process much easier.

I do have to add that the app is not perfect however, firstly and obviously, it needs internet to function so if you cannot access the internet then you can’t make your order, and while it’s never happened to me, the machine which processes the orders also works on the internet so if it goes down then you also will be unable to order. It also sometimes stores previously ordered meals, and if you don’t notice this before putting in your order you might end up getting more than you meant, and lastly there isn’t a note section so you can’t express a preference or request, for example ‘don’t put ice in the drinks’ or ‘Can I have spicy tomato sauce instead of barbecue’.

But overall I believe that the benefits far outweigh the negatives, and at least for me using the improves my dining experience. I think I will give the app a 3.5/5 and I would be happy to raise that up to the full 5/5 should they fix the notes issue. If you would like to get the app for yourself then download it for Apple or Android.


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