Interview with Michelle Murphy (Gie’s a Job)

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For a couple of years now the Ayrshire and Glasgow areas have had a brand new source of job postings and opportunities, that source is Gie’s a Job; a Facebook group created and operated by Michelle Murphy. So I had a chance to speak to Michelle and find out more about the page and her reasons for starting it.

Currently the group has 49,848 members so it’s clear that it’s a runaway success, and I can personally attest to the fact that many people prefer it over traditional job searching sites and Jobcentre advisers are now even referring their clients to the page.

Why did you start the page?
I’ve always been a bit if a serial job hunter and have had a job since I was 15. I always used to see jobs that I knew my friends would be interested in and let them know. 2 of my friends then got jobs that I had recommended. I came up with the idea for the page after seeing loads of ads and posts in Facebook on different pages, I thought it would be a good idea to have one page where employers and job hunters could post or look and see all the local jobs. As soon as I started the page I was lucky to have my friend Gillian who works in HR, come on board. She has been an absolute gem and helps with any legal issues and any problems with pay and terms and conditions. I was getting sick of seeing all the get rich quick job schemes with start up fees all over Facebook. When I started the page one of the rules is no pyramid selling schemes or start up fee jobs, I believe anyone should be able to apply for a job without being out of pocket. If an opportunity is so good it should sell itself.

Tell me a little about yourself and your life?
My full time job is as a firefighter in Glasgow. I worked in the control room mobilising emergency vehicles before I made a total career change and retrained as a firefighter. I absolutely love my job and hope everyone can feel the same about theirs. I’m married to my hubbie who I’ve been with for 17 years, married for 10. I lived in Kilmarnock but only recently moved to Glasgow, it’s been great to cut my commute.

Have you heard about any success stories from the page?
I’ve heard some fantastic stories through the page. A girl got a job on Disney cruise lines after seeing it in the page. I also helped 2 people through the firefighter recruitment last year, they have now started. We sometimes get updates but probably couldn’t guess exactly how many people have got a job through it. I couldn’t believe it when members were telling me that the job centre advisers also recommend the page.

What’s it like, the day to day running of the page?
Now it’s been running for a couple of years it’s actually quite easy. We approve all posts to make sure no pyramid schemes or other adverts are posted. I do monitor the posts just to make sure there are no issues with any jobs, I try to sort any issues before they arise. Someone may hate a place of work for certain reasons but others enjoy working there, I am totally impartial. I do receive a lot of messages, around 30 a day, sometimes I don’t have time to reply but I try my best. I don’t recruit for any of the jobs personally but because I share a lot of jobs, people think I Am the one recruiting so I have to advise them to contact the employer direct.

Do you have an advice for job searchers?
Best advice I can give is use all means you can and your initiative. Get out and speak to employers, call them if you can don’t use email or text if a telephone number is provided. It’s much more personal and I know employers who have said it’s been the difference between giving someone a chance or turning them down. It’s the same whether you are 16 or 60, tailor your CV and covering letter for a specific role and don’t leave it generic. Approach places of work that interest you and try to speak to the manager.

Big no nos in my opinion are using text speak or asking employers to contact you especially on social media. You want to show how keen you are and don’t get disheartened by no responses. When I was looking years ago I sent over 100 CVS to local businesses and received one reply. Don’t give up, be positive and you will be successful in the end.

What’s your opinion of the job market?
I hear so many people say there are no jobs in Ayrshire, I am actually surprised by some of the vacancies we post. There has been an increase in zero hours contracts and less hours jobs, but there has also been some great permanent positions with local employers. The explosion of social media has definitely made a difference to the way people recruit and apply for jobs and not always for the better. We live in an instant culture where people want replies instantly. Before you would apply for a job then wait to hear back, there’s a lot more impatience on social media.

Were you surprised by the response you’ve received since starting the page?
Definitely, I still can’t believe how much it’s grown. I thought we might get a thousand members and a few employers but the response has been brilliant. It’s completely not for profit and sometimes people don’t realise that, they think we charge employers to post and can be rude thinking we are making money so can be held accountable for problems with posts or info. It’s great to give something back and the rewards far outweigh the negatives. People are generally very thankful for any help and advice.

So if you are looking for a job in the Glasgow or Ayrshire area and you want results fast and right in your Facebook feed then join the group today. 


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