Single Review: Young Fathers – Only God Knows ft. Leith Congregational Choir

Young Fathers 'Only God Knows ft. Leith Congregational Choir' Album Artwork

Young fathers are an Edinburgh based hip hop/pop group with three members Alloysious Massaguoi, Kayus Bankole and Graham ‘G’ Hastings. The trio have performed under other names over the years for example way back when they first met they were called ‘Three Style’ however their current name which they choose back in 2008 ‘Young Fathers’ comes from the fact that they all have their father’s names.

I’ll be reviewing their latest single Only God Knows ft. Leith Congregational Choir, which was on the official soundtrack for the long awaited T2: Trainspotting.

‘Only God Knows’ sends chills down your spine for the first second, the powerful choir add a potency to the track that can’t be beat, then one of young fathers takes over with a fast paced and powerful rap that keeps the energy and fire the track spits out going. I honestly think this track is incredibly, I had a chance to look over their other stuff though and this isn’t surprising but this track is something else, if just builds and drops at the perfect moments to keep to engaged and I’ll admit I just kept listening to it for a while because it has the power to do what a lot of sounds don’t and that’s just completely fill a person. This track would go down exceptionally well in a live environment, where people can move because this is build to get people up and to fill them with fervent energy. Thanks for this track Young Fathers because I personally think it’s incredible.

So that’s what I thought of the track, if you want to get yourself a copy and see what else Young Fathers have to offer then check out their Bandcamp by following this link and you can keep up to date with them on social media by following their Facebook and Twitter.


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