EP Review: Wasted Years – Moving Mountains

Wasted Years 'Moving Mountains' Album Artwork

Wasted Years were an Ayrshire based band made up of Dennis Coles on Lead Vocals, Will Phillips on Guitar/Vocals, Jamie McJannet on Guitar/ Vocals, Gus Manson on Bass and Carson Denham on Drums. If you want to find out more about the band the check out the interview I did with them by clicking here

‘Voices’ is the first track on the Moving Mountains EP and I have to say  I really liked voices it reminded me of music I haven’t listened to in a while, from back when I was going through the obligatory headbanging emo phase. I hope they don’t take that as in insult those were some of my most musically enlightened days. This song is one I’d really love to hear live, it heavy and has a lot of energy and I can’t help but feel that you’re ears would be ringing after it. Again that’s meant as a compliment.

‘Tied Down’ Starts with fast with drums and guitar blaring before the talented Dennis Coles kicks in with the vocals. This song will get you moving, i touched on my headbanging youth when talking about ‘voices’ but I really had to resist it with this song, its just perfect to get lost in, almost made me want to do a wee mosh. This entire song just flows really well and I listened to it a bunch over the past few days…word of warning though if you listen to it and rock out in the queue at the post office you will get dirty looks. I think Tied Down was one of my favourites in the EP.

‘Hold On’ compared to the last track this one starts off a lot slower but it builds, the drums kicking in again to make the song that bit edgier. I really liked this one as well not quite as much as tied down but it’s definitely a strong addition to the EP.  Dennis just throws himself into singing and it really shows. You can get carried away with this song and that’s part of its magic, it reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold a bit and that’s as huge a compliment as I’m capable of giving.

‘Blackout’ has a phenomenal opening, a fusion of instruments that just gets you going. You almost don’t want the vocals to kick in, then they do and you’re glad they did. I listened to this one a few times while I was writing the review and all I can say is that it’s a song that demands attention.

‘Forever’ is the fifth track on the EP and it’s a massive shift from the previous song, but not an unwelcome song. Its softer and allows Dennis to showcase the full range of his vocal talents. This song paints a picture of regret and loss and it really comes across when you listen to it.

‘WGS’ has an epic intro that I’d definitely consider making a music video for, I can see epic action sequences going really well with it. Its also a powerful note to go out on after the last song slowed us down a bit this song comes back with a passion.

So that’s what I thought of Wasted Years EP Moving Mountains, if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Bandcamp.


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