EP Review: Twin Heart – Progress: Decline

Twin Heart 'Progress Decline' Album Artwork

First let me tell you a little about Twin Heart, according to their Facebook they were officially founded on 15th December 2014 I hope this is true because that’s my birthday and I can think of no greater honour than sharing my day with them and no better present. Even before I heard them play I already knew I’d like Twin Heart because the core of the band came from another group, Mechanical Smile which was not only the first independent band I ever went to see and still one of the best. Mechanical smile was the predecessor to this group with Dawn (Guitar/Lead Vocals) and Murray Baxter (Drums/Vocals) being members and they formed this new trio with Owen Burt (Bass/Vocals). The name Twin Heart actually comes from this

“It’s basically a reference to our old band finishing up. We all had a love / passion to continue and our relationship with tour friends and family were like a close family so we decided on Twin Heart as we shared the love of music”

So having a built in audience because of their previous success they just had to make sure to build upon that and make something new for themselves and I think they most certainly did especially if the quality of this EP is any bearing.

Progress: Decline was released on July 1st 2016 VIA Rip It up Records

The genre according to the band is “kind of Emo / Alt Rock. We’ve been tagged as Aggressive Pop, we quite like that”

If you want to find out a little more you can check out the Interview I did with them as well.

‘Ghosts’ starts with drums which kick of the beat of the song before we are taken over by a very strong guitar sequence and Dawn Baxter’s intense voice which carries you through the rest of the song, complimented by Murray who provided some impressive screamo vocals and I know how hard it can be to do that successfully. This song builds really well and I think it’s definitely one that I’ll listen to again and again because there’s something about it that draws you in. The song is so passionate and powerful. I know a lot of people that would call this type of music emo and they probably meant it as an insult but in this case I’d agree but only because its sort for emotional, because to me this song is dripping in feeling and I think that’s perhaps why I enjoyed it so much.

‘Young Eyes’ was next up, one of the longer tracks on the album but I enjoyed every second of it, the song opens really well with a trashing rhythm that really gives the song a lot of energy and volume, I’d imagine when performed live it’d really excite the crowd. Not that It can’t be appreciated at home. They layered Dawn’s singing over the instrumental part really well, an excellent fusion which complimented rather than overpowered her voice. You really get taken in by this track, the screamo again being used very well to add depth and fire to the track. This track has an extended vocal part which mellows the song out right before the final part which is considerably heavier and more engaging because it came after a much quieter moment, in particular this part is good because it again has the fusion of Dawn and the male members of the group singing in unison it adds more weight to the lyrics.

Suffocating had a very classic guitar intro, that gave way to dawns voice and again screamo backing vocals, this song also had some moments of really exposure for the bass which I liked, the quieter moments building to the more intense ones. This felt different to the previous tracks, which weren’t necessarily heavier but felt busier, this felt more focused and calmer. It gave equal balance to instruments and vocals allowing both to shine and shine they did. When I say this song was calmer than the previous two don’t mistake that for slower, it was plenty fast and full of energy which seem to be a tribute of the band.

‘Progress’ lasts a minute and four seconds and is entirely instrumental, some might see it as more of an opener to the final track in the EP but I think that it merits more than that, it’s certainly short especially when two tracks on this EP are five minutes long apiece. But I think that having this not only provides a verbal palate cleanser before the final song but also gives them chance to really show of both sides of the outfit, for three tracks before this they have shown off with tremendous success their voices and yes we also heard the instruments but this track allows us to really here them play. It take a moment and does something with a track that simple, soft and yet in its own way very powerful. Perhaps it’s just me but I feel they manage to convey feeling through this track just as much as the others, maybe more so because you need to look for it rather than being given it.

I’ve listened to this song quite a few times since I received the tracks for review and I think it’s my favourite on the EP perhaps not technically the best, it’s up to you which you prefer but I had the line “I’ll keep fighting ‘til the end” it’s a powerful message and as someone who grew up on a diet of superheroes who basically lived…and died by this message it really rang true to me. Honestly please give it a listen.

Twin Heart if one of the few female fronted bands I’ve came across lately and it’s good to see it but that’s not what’s really good about the band, they are a such an enthusiastic, passionate and genuine group and that’s something that it truly rare. So if you want to hear a band that are powerful, who combine emo and alternative rock the listen to them and if you want to hear a fantastic EP which really gives you a fantastic impression of the group then listen to Progress: Decline. If you want to listen then check out their Bandcamp and feel free to like them on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.


First Published on: www.newhellfireclub.co.uk

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